6 Best Holiday Hiking Destinations in Switzerland

hiking in switzerland

We have different ways to destress, some people go shopping, swimming, and some people love to hike. There are a lot of beautiful mountains in the world that you can hike.

One of the most attractive destinations when it comes to hiking is located in Switzerland. This article will give you the best holiday hiking destinations that you can go to with your loved ones.

1.   Matterhorn

It is not an easy climb. Hiking in Matterhorn will take 8-10 hours. Before climbing this mountain, you must prepare not just your things but also you should prepare yourself, climbing is more of a physical activity you will regret not being ready for it.

And being ready will make you enjoy every moment of it. There is a resort below this mountain called Zermatt, with winter and summer skiing, mountaineering, and hiking.

2.   Grindelwald

A Swiss Alpine resort below Mt. Eiger’s north face. They offer skiing and snowboarding lessons, rents, and sledge rental. This is also the most visually attractive valley in the world. There are guidelines that you should read before going to Grindelwald and other mountains.

3.   Engadin

This is known as a paradise one-day hike, but you can also do multi-day trekking here. Look forward to the exhilarating scenery. This destination is ideal for the family even if it’s a long trail. This is also along the lake.

4.   Lauterbrunnen

It is in the municipality of the Swiss Alps. There are villages and ski areas, and the Staubbach & Trümmelbach waterfalls. The estimated distance is 7.7 to 8.6 miles, one way. It has a jaw-dropping panoramic view.

5.   Mürren

This is also a perfect hiking destination for the family. 3 of the best hiking trails in Mürren are Thrill Walk Felsensteg Birg, Via Ferrara, and Blumental Panorama Trail.

6.   Flims

It is a municipality in Imboden Region. Lake Cauma is one of the highlights of Flims, it’s a turquoise-colored lake about 1000 meters above sea level. It has more than 10 best hotels in the area. Some of the outdoor adventures are biking, skiing and trail running.

When planning to hike, you should be ready for any situation that might come your way. You should have comfortable and safe shoes or boots because hiking is mostly for walking, and there is no way to risk picking up the right footwear.

Also, one of the most important is a backpack in which you will put all your necessities, things that you might need when traveling. You should bring high-quality hiking boots and a backpack when planning to travel, especially hiking.


These are just a few of the best hiking destinations and activities in Switzerland. These places are best traveled with your family and loved ones.

It is always better to start something that you want to do when you are still young. Go places and explore the world while you can. Time will not wait for us to be ready for these things, we should be ready ourselves.


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