How to make the best homemade chicken korma

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Chicken korma recipe kit Simply Cook

Things are a bit slow on the ‘eating out with friends’ front at the moment aren’t they? (She says, making the understatement of the year.)

It’s a shame, because eating out with friends is one of my best hobbies. If 2020 has made me realise anything it’s that I’m actually a lot more sociable than I give myself credit for. I do enjoy my own company, but I miss seeing people so much.

What’s surprised me the most is that I miss everybody, not just good friends, who I’ve made an effort to see when I can, but all of those other people, the people you maybe only see once or twice a month at events or groups, but who you always enjoy a chat with. These kind of small interactions seem inconsequential but they have a big impact.

And I miss the food. I’m not going to pretend it’s ALL about the people.

I miss eating things I’ve never tried before and having someone else cook it AND wash up for me. I miss trying new flavours and generally eating things that aren’t chicken nuggets and jacket potatoes and spaghetti Bolognese. You get stuck in a rut when you’re at home all the time don’t you? Eating out isn’t just good fun in itself, it inspires me to cook different things at home too.

Today though I did COOKING! Hoorah!

I made a Moghul chicken korma using a spice kit from Simply Cook. There are three individual pots of specially blended pastes, powders and potions* each in recipe box, along with a recipe card with a handy tear off shopping list so you know exactly what to buy to create your delicious, restaurant quality dinner.

Simply Cook recipe box

I’ve cooked with Simply Cook recipe kits before when I made this chilli con carne and the chicken korma was just as good. The thing that stood out for me with the chilli con carne was the depth and complexity of the flavour. I’ve made chilli plenty of times before but they’re never been as tasty as that one was. It was the same with the curry.

The Simply Cook korma had loads more flavour than anything I’ve cooked from scratch but because you’re adding lots of the ingredients yourself – onions, chicken, ground almonds and cream in this case – it’s way more interesting than any ready made curry sauce too, with a better texture and fresher flavours.

Simply Cook recipe box spice kit

Branded wooden spoon obviously

If you’re a fan of those big recipe kits where you get all of the ingredients included, but you don’t like the amount of plastic waste that comes with them or the fact that they have to leave them on your doorstep, then Simply Cook could be the perfect compromise. You do have to buy the fresh ingredients yourself, but the Simply Cook kits have very minimal waste AND they fit through your letter box so you never have to worry about missing a delivery.

The quality really is good. I may not be able to go out to eat, but with the Simply Cook Moghul chicken korma I almost felt like I was.

I just have to do the washing up now.

You can try a set of four Simply Cook recipe kits for just £3 for your first box, so what have you got to lose?

*Not actual potions, just tasty flavours.


Moghul chicken korma recipe Simply Cook


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