How to Set Up the Ultimate Party Room for Your Family

Dining rooms and dens are becoming relics to most American households.  We only use a dining room for eating on holidays, and a den is a place that doesn’t get much attention since it doesn’t often have a television in it, are two rooms that could use a spark of inspiration.  If your family needs a place to cut loose and have fun and has some extra space you can use- then you’re well on your way to set up the ultimate party room!


This new area is the room to house all of your gaming systems!  You can even invest in some older systems, allowing you to play games without using a simulator.  If you have more than one kid, setting up a place for gaming and having fun is necessary.  This move will give them somewhere to spend their energy if they’re bored, as well as ensuring the games aren’t strewn all over your home.  Having these games in a public area of the house will also allow parents to join in and have fun with their kids.  Cable isn’t as popular anymore, but you can put in a Roku or Firestick will enable you to watch any apps you want or even go online.


This new area is the room to invest in chargers and extra outlets.  You can tuck powerstrips under couches or through cushions to allow easy access for charging phones, Nintendo Switches, or other portable devices.  This planning will allow for minimal interruption while enjoying your party room.  Set up phone chargers and game chargers that will stay in this room as a rule so that there’s no chance of them going missing later. 

Comfortable Surfaces

Go for furniture that your family will want to sit on and use.  Some people go for fun theater seats, while others go for gamer seats.  Sofa reviews can help you pick the best match while also ensuring you find furniture that can handle your family accidentally spilling or making a mess.  Ensure that your seating isn’t just a classic couch; mix it up with retro bean bag chairs or other seating that is more flexible with space.  It’s better to keep the center of the room empty if someone’s playing an active game where they have to move around.

Go Overboard

Don’t be afraid to make significant steps here!  Instead of a television, go for a projector screen!  Instead of just regular speakers, bump it up to surround sound!  This room can be where your family goes to enjoy movies theater-style, or where you all get together to play group games like Among Us while ensuring nobody’s looking at each other’s phones.  It’s okay to go over the top with this room because it’s meant to be fun.  If you want a stuffy and plain sitting room, you can do that, but that kind of space can be boring for kids and can hinder your ability to bond with them. 

Set Rules

There’s nothing like video games and fun to make kids want to start fighting with each other.  Set rules for the room that will help keep the fun attitude.  Some could be simple, as no video games for half an hour if there’s fighting, or can be fun like whoever wins has to hand off the remote to the next person, instead of whoever loses.  This room is still a part of your home, and you should do what you can to help keep it in order.

Let Everyone Help

Don’t make all of the decisions on your own!  Talk to your family members about what they’d love to see in an entertainment room, and take what they say to heart!  Kids are inventive and fun, and you might be surprised about the ideas they give you.  If something is out of your budget, you can tell them it’s something to work towards.  If you have little kids younger than seven or eight, ask them to draw out what they’d like the room to look like.  You could frame that and use it as art for the room or take it to heart as inspiration.

A Mini Dry-Bar

Keeping a mini drink bar that’s always stocked with waters, sodas, or juice can add a fun touch to any party room.  You can achieve this with a small mobile island or counter space, a mini-fridge, and a cabinet for glasses.  If you can put in a sink, that would be a perfect finishing touch; otherwise, include lots of napkins and wipes you can store in the cabinet.  This plan will make the room feel like its own private club while also encouraging your kids to drink more.

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More Than Just TV

Partying isn’t just hanging out and playing video games!  Ensure that the room’s laid out so that it can be used in many ways.  Keeping an open central area, you can set it up so that your kids can go indoors camping, make an impromptu dance floor, or set up a bunch of sleeping bags on the floor and aim a projector to the ceiling so you can watch a movie in a new way.  This room is where your family will go to blow off steam and enjoy each other’s company.  Lean into the fun of it, and make a space where everyone can connect and have fun.

Although it may seem like a massive undertaking, redesigning one room is a small step to help bring your family closer together.  A party room can be anything your family needs it to be and will help you bond with your kids as long as you spend time together.  It doesn’t have to be a fancy home theater, or have the most massive television screen you’ve ever owned, take the time to make a space everyone wants to use!


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