How to Design Your Living Room on a Budget

Is the look of your living room getting you down? Are you in need of a change but do not have the extra cash to revamp your living room design? Creating a new look for your living room does not have to put a hole in your pocket. Many budget-friendly design ideas can give your living room the needed upgrade while also saving you a bunch of money.

7 Budget-Friendly Ideas To Design Your Living Room

Get Friendly With Nature

Fix up your living room by adding no maintenance greenery. Plants are an easy way to decorate your living room with style. Pick out plants that have different shapes and colors to add texture to your living round. Plants add a natural feel to any room and can fill in empty spaces. Use plants as table centerpieces, to decorate shelves, or to hang in windows. If having real plants is not your thing, you can still decorate with faux plants to achieve the same results.

Rearrange What You Already Have

Transform your living room by rearranging your furniture. Try taking time to clean up your living room and organize any clutter. Remove all the things that don’t belong and think about ways you can rearrange the furniture you already have. A helpful tip would be to place furniture in a way that naturally promotes social interaction and communication.

Put a Stamp On Statement Pieces

If your budget allows it, think about adding a statement piece to your living room. You may not be able to afford much, but finding a piece of furniture can help add a pop of color, texture, or attractive upholstery, that could create a whole new look for your living room. Think about adding a new sitting area by finding a unique piece, like these occasional chairs from April & Oak.

Roll-On New Paint

Maybe all your living room needs is a little paint job. Painting your living room is a budget-friendly idea that can completely transform the style of your room and create the desired vibe. Pick out trending colors, like emerald green and hues of black, to add an accent or color block wall.

Get Your DIY On

If you’re someone with a creative side, think about awesome DIY decor you could do on your own. There are so many ideas you can find on Pinterest that are easy to do and don’t cost a lot of money. DIY wall hangings, garland, and customizable poster prints are easy ways to dress up your living room, and they are fun to make, too.

If you’re really into DIY and looking for new furniture for your living room, head over to a local thrift store. At a thrift store, you can find vintage furniture that you can repurpose and make all your own. Repurposing furniture is a cheaper option than purchasing furniture brand new. Plus, it’ll be completely one of a kind.

Swap Out Small Things

Look around your living room and think about any small things you can either relocate or change up. For one, if you have small decorations that are similar in color, you can add them to a cute vignette. You can also swap out the throw pillows on your couch for something new, pick out new drapes, or change out your light fixtures for something new and improved.


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