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easy chilli con carne recipe

Everyone makes their chilli con carne with a branded wooden spoon yes?

I’m a sucker for anything that means I have to spend less time thinking about what to have for dinner because to be quite honest after 25 years of cooking for children I’m done with it.

‘What’s for tea?’

‘I didn’t like my packed lunch.’

‘This cucumber is too spicy.’

No thanks.

I do like the ease of the meal box schemes where all the ingredients arrive at your door, but I’m less keen on the amount of packaging that comes with them, like individual eggs in plastic boxes and masses of ice and insulation just for a couple of chicken breasts. I also find I can end up with a lot of fresh ingredients that need using up way too quickly.

Simply Cook is the perfect compromise.

Simply Cook sends you a selection of carefully chosen and blended spices and seasonings, along with a recipe card, and you buy the fresh ingredients at a time that suits. It means you have the basics of a restaurant quality meal in the cupboard, ready to inspire you when you need it, without masses of plastic packaging or potential food waste.

And it fits through the letterbox. Boom.

Simply Cook recipe cards

Simply Cook review

I tried the Simply Cook chilli con carne.

I’ve made chilli con carne plenty of times before, so figured I had it sussed, but the Simply Cook chilli con carne spices gave it a depth of flavour I’ve never managed before. I especially liked the cocoa chilli paste, which smelt absolutely amazing.

(Top tip – it does smell of chocolate but don’t dip your finger in and eat some unless you really love chilli…)

Simply Cook chilli con carne

I had all of the ingredients except mince, so that was easy to pop out for. (Click here for more on the ‘to bean or not to bean’ chilli debate.) The recipe cards come with a handy tear off shopping list, which is a clever feature.

The recipe was very easy and dinner was ready to eat in less than half an hour. Simply Cook is a brilliant idea for anyone who loves good quality food and the idea of someone else deciding what’s for dinner for a change.

You can claim a trial box with four recipe kits for just £3, so visit Simply Cook to choose your meals now.

Simply Cook chilli con carne


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