Easy DIY garden improvement ideas

garden makeover tips

There are various ways you can enhance the look and feel of your garden. Let’s look at how this can best be achieved!

For one, you may wish to add water features for your patio or backyard garden. Options include an artificial stream, drilled rock, pond, water blade, rill, fountain, reflecting pool or ornamental pool. Each water feature can attract wildlife including birds. You may construct these using a DIY approach. Easier to make DIY birdfeeders can be created using a plastic bottle, a tea cup or even a skin of orange hung with macramé.

Another way to encourage birds into your garden is by adding birdfeeders. Types of birdfeeders include suet, seed, ground, window and nut & nibble feeders. You may be interested in having a feeding station or bird table added instead. According to the RSPB, you could have pinhead oatmeal, black sunflower seeds, raisins & currants, mixes designed for insectivorous birds or/and a good general mixture of seeds added to a birdfeeder.

How about having a garden bench fitted? As for designs, the styles available include straight, curved, lutyens, backless, memorial and tree garden benches. Some of the most popular materials are steel, iron, aluminium and rattan. A DIY garden bench is easiest to make if you’re using wood as the primary material, however. It is best to face your garden benches towards the back of your house as this way they can act as an aesthetically pleasing feature of your garden that attract the eye immediately upon entering the garden. Even as seen from your kitchen, where you place these benches can enhance the overall look of your garden!

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When it comes to flower arrangements, one of the best approaches is to have several flower beds added. With three rows each, the final row should be the tallest, the middle row should be shorter and the first row should be the shortest of them all. Additionally, it is a good idea to have tall focal point flowers such as blue or violet types growing from the middle of the final row! Another way to go about adding flowers to your garden is by fit potted plants, such as an amaryllis as a potted plant. Whichever style and colour of flowers you include in your garden, you should ensure that they are a suitable match with the surrounding colour tones.

It may also interest you to have a shed installed in your garden or/and replace an old one. As with much of the work discussed here, plenty of it can be done DIY. In the case of a garden shed, only undertake the construction of one if you know how to build a shed. The most popular types of sheds are timber-based, plastic and metallic. Each has their own pros and cons whether it be in relation to durability, cost and how secure they are from the threat of break-ins. If you decide to construct a shed or have one fitted, you should first allocate plenty of time to considering what material and design best suits your preferences including when it comes to visual appeal.

As you can see, there are many ways you can improve your garden. It’s important to take into account your budget, needs and preferences before coming up with a plan and list of ideas as to how you’d like to change your garden for the better!


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