How an online pharmacy can improve lockdown life

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I was up in the loft last night rummaging around for something and I spotted the Christmas decorations. I had a sudden rush of anxiety as I realised that even though it will soon be September, which is basically Christmas, it only really feels like a couple of months since I was taking down the Christmas tree and packing away the baubles.

Little did we know then what a weird year this would turn out to be, not just for us as a family, (no change there), but for the whole world. Everything has been turned on its head and our day to day way of being has adapted and shifted to match.

One of the consequences of coronavirus has been just how much more of our lives have been conducted online, from family Zoom quiz nights to fighting for that much needed shopping delivery slot. Access to healthcare has changed too. I’ve had to go to the GP twice during lockdown and both times it’s been scarily different – ringing a buzzer to be let in, hand washing and face masks and then sitting alone in a waiting room with just two of three chairs with huge spaces between them.

It’s eerie isn’t it?

I’m lucky in that I’ve not had to visit a hospital or take regular trips to the chemist, but there are plenty of people who’ve I know have spent literally hours queuing at their local pharmacy for prescriptions or to speak to a pharmacist about a non-urgent medical condition. It’s those kinds of services that make you realise just how dependent we are on being able to pop in somewhere and ask for medical advice.

One really simple way to make your life easier during the virus is to use an online pharmacy. Using a service like Oxford Online Pharmacy can be a Godsend when you’re worried about leaving the house or want to avoid queues and face masks.

Oxford Online Pharmacy offers a whole range of services that make life simpler and safer and they can even fulfil your NHS prescriptions for you and have them delivered directly to your door. They even offer some pet medications too!

Whether you need something for pain relief or advice about the morning after pill, you can access advice from a pharmacist as well as buying medications online. No more queuing outside the pharmacy or having to worry about the virus – get expert advice online and deliveries to your door.

Not only is it much less stressful using an online pharmacy, but it saves you a lot of time too, time you probably should be putting to good use starting that Christmas shopping…



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