Investing in the Real Estate Market without Buying a Property

Being a landlord to a commercial property can be intimidating as you are required to deal with your tenants’ troubles. You need to attend to water shortages, repairs, or any other issues even at inconvenient times.

If you don’t want to deal with the tenants’ problems, you can buy property from various companies such as Movoto and hire property managers or agents to manage your property. However, if the property does not generate a high income, it is unreasonable to hire agents.

Most investors are now opting for ways to invest in the real estate industry without personally managing the property and hiring agents. You could even indirectly make money from property by training as a real estate agent or a mortgage advisor. Do your research, find the right mortgage advisor course for you and away you go with a new career.

The best options when it comes to property investment in today’s economy is through the following methods:

  • Invest in an exchange-traded fund(ETF)

ETF refers to a combination of stocks or bonds to make up a specific fund. The investment options provide the investors with a low-cost method of investing in the tremendously high-cost area of real estate. The investors can benefit by acquiring regular income from the invested bonds or stocks associated with the industry. It is also possible to obtain certain liquidity of common shares.

Investors who opt to buy the investing strategies receive a specific dividend from a property either monthly or annually. Since another body is running and maintaining the property, the returns are lower than buying the property on your own. The major advantage of considering this method is that you are free of the tedious work and stress of managing a property.

They are many ETF that offer real estate options in various countries. Conduct adequate market research to ensure the one you chose is credible to provide the services.

  • Mutual funds real estate investment

Mutual funds in real estate give investors a chance to invest in securities offered by various public real estate industries. The public real estate company purchases different properties by money earned through contributions by multiple investors.

The return of such an investment strategy is affected by factors such as; interest rates and the market’s economic conditions.  The mutual funds offer an appealing alternative to the actual buying of various properties. The profits of the funds are liquid, and you have the freedom to sell them when you wish.

  • Real estate online

Another way to invest in the real estate company without physically owning a property is through real estate online. You can communicate with the company and invest in a residential or commercial property. The company will receive the cash flow from the property and pay you a certain dividend on the amount you invested. The advantage of this method is that you don’t have to manage the property physically, and you will receive earnings for a long time.

  • Offering hard money loans to investors

You can offer a certain amount of loan to a real estate investor. Once the investor has purchased the property, you can receive a certain amount of the cash flow from the asset to compensate for the hard loan. This is an appealing method to invest in the real estate industry if you are a beginner, and you have minimal experience with the real estate industry.

Once you gain confidence in how the industry works, you can buy your property in the future. However, you need to invest with an investor who is credible to minimizes the chances of losing your initial capital in the process.

  • Consider the home construction strategy.

The construction strategy of the real estate investment involves constructing commercial, residential, vocational houses for resale. You acquire land at strategic locations and hire professional engineers and architectures to build modern homes.

Since you want to avoid the aspect of managing the property upon completion, you can sell it to other investors. You can also rehabilitate old buildings and convert them into new and marketable assets. It is an appealing investment aspect for most builders.

  • Real estate investment trust(REIT)

A REIT owns commercial and residential properties and allows investors to buy stocks and bonds from them. Most REITs are public enterprises and offer the sales of their shares on an extensive portfolio. As the investor, you can purchase specific stocks and bonds and consistently receive a particular amount of dividends monthly or annually.

Since buying property on your own requires a tremendously high amount, REIT provides a low-cost method of owning a property. However, you will earn low returns from the investment strategies compared to when you buy your property.

Bottom Line

There are numerous methods to invest in the real estate industry without having direct ownership of the property. Although the methods reduce the risks and costs of managing the property, they offer low returns. You can survey the method that suits your needs and provide a guaranteed income for a certain period.


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