3 Plumbing Jobs You Can DIY (and 3 That Require a Professional)

If you happen to be a homeowner, you’re probably used to doing some basic plumbing jobs. Unclogging toilets and drains, tightening loose pipes under your sink, and even replacing basic fixtures are all part and parcel of owning your own home. But what happens when a less common problem crops up, one that you aren’t used to dealing with? At what point will Googling cease to be a good enough supplement to your DIY knowledge and a professional plumber’s help be necessary? Professional plumbing can be expensive, since the majority of the price tag is in labor rather than materials, but a botched DIY job can be even more expensive, so it is imperative that you know when to go with a professional and when to go it alone. Here are 3 plumbing jobs you can DIY and 3 jobs that require a professional plumber.

DIY Plumbing Projects

Installing a new faucet

You can go out to any hardware store of your choosing and purchase that fancy new faucet you’ve been wanting to buy. Installing or replacing a faucet can be a simple procedure and won’t cost you a lot of money or time, especially since some faucets will come with direction kits. Most faucet installations do not require the help of a professional unless valve connections are damaged or other repairs need to be done before the faucet can be replaced. Make it easy on yourself: have your new faucet have the same connection points as your old one.

Replacing an old washing machine hose

Failing to maintain your washing machine can result in hazardous conditions, as a washing machine hose can burst if not properly taken care of, resulting in a discharge of up to 500 gallons per hour. Replacing the old hose of your washing machine is something you can do on your own by unplugging your washer, turning off the water supply, then disconnecting the hose from the valves and washer. Attach the new hose to the valves and then the washer, and finish by turning the water and power supply back on. It’s a simple procedure that you should do regularly every 5 years.

Repairing toilet hardware

The pieces that make up your toilet can sometimes become faulty or quit working. Many toilet problems stem from faulty seals or chains, which can usually be replaced easily on your own. In addition, if you find your toilet is a bit wobbly or the seat is loose, there are DIY kits you can purchase at your local home department store that come fully equipped with the tools and parts you will need. If your toilet hardware repairs go further to more complex replacements, such as installing an entirely new toilet or a leak inside the walls, you’ll want to call in the help of a plumber.

Projects for a Professional

Remodeling renovations

Your plumbing project may be a smaller part of a larger project, such as remodeling your kitchen or building a master bathroom addition. If your next plumbing project should happen to involve moving plumbing or expanding your plumbing, permits may be needed to do this. A professional plumber will be more familiar with the handling of permits and the building codes for your area. To ensure that your home is safe during any remodeling, hiring a plumbing contractor to examine your plumbing and take care of the installations or replacements will guarantee connections are done properly and correctly.

Shutting off water flow

When a toilet is clogged or a tub drain is backed up, it may be necessary to cut the water flow to these particular areas. Many homeowners will have the tools or can rent the tools necessary to do this for simpler projects like shutting off the sink water supply to replace a faucet, but a professional plumber has more experience in the handling of large water connections. If you’re unsure which lines to turn off or how to accurately handle the plumbing pipes of your home, leave it to a professional, especially since these connections are unique to your house and therefore not an easy Google search away like some simpler DIY repairs.

Sprinkler system

To improve the overall health of your lawn, installing a sprinkler system will be key. This type of project will involve a professional landscaper to examine your property and gather any necessary permits, but it will also take a plumber to work the water system lines. The performance of your sprinklers impacts the care of your lawn, so it’s important that a professional checks that all water supplies reach each sprinkler correctly. This type of project can be easily achieved with the help of a plumber, and especially in the case of larger property you will want a professional to install your sprinkler system. For more information of professional plumbing services, click here: https://www.fixitrightplumbing.com.au/plumber-canberra/.


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