How to Choose Flowers For Every Occasion

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In terms of flower delivery Sydney has so many amazing florists to choose from and as an avid flower buyer, I have found multiple which I would call ‘my favorite’. The reason why I love gifting flowers is because it is a gift which works for every single occasion. No matter whether someone is ill, if they have lost a loved one, got a new job, had a new baby, all events are ideal for flowers. Not only this, but there are also the ‘right’ flowers to buy depending on the occasion and that is because each type of flower carries with it a certain significance. So how do you make sure that you get the right flower for the right occasion? Let’s take a look.


Don’t be afraid to ask the florist for their advice when it comes to buying the right flowers, they after all should be the best placed people to advise you. Naturally they are also running a business so it is best to get a couple of opinions, to avoid being lead into buying a type of flowers which you potentially don’t need. There are some occasions which can call for a range of flowers which you’ll have to choose from, speaking to a florist will certainly help you to do that.

Double Check Online

There is always a risk that you buy the wrong flowers, but even then it wont be a horrendous faux pas, as long as you don’t buy a dozen red roses for a funeral or something like that. Regardless it is going to be important that you do have an understanding of what the flowers you are buying are saying to the recipient, which is why checking online is always a great idea. Having a quick look online will give you a broad range of opinions which you can then use to base your selection on. This also gives you something of a safety net in terms of avoiding making a mistake.


Speaking with friends and family is always a good idea when it comes to getting the decision right and if you are able to speak to friends of the recipient then that will be even better. There are some flowers which are made for certain occasions, lilies for funerals for example, but there are many occasions such as a birthday where so many different flower options should work. In this kind of situation the best bet is to seek out advice from someone who knows what the recipient likes, and that way you can nail the right flower type and the right colors to really put a smile on their face.

Don’t be afraid when you are buying flowers, as mentioned there aren’t really any mistakes that you can make and most people will be over the moon to have received flowers in the first place, they are always a well received gift. Remember, when in doubt, buy flowers as a gift.


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