Essential Items You Should Have in Your Nursery Before Baby Comes Out

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For pregnant moms, there is a sense of anticipation as you get closer to your delivery date. After the long and stressful period of pregnancy, it is only natural to want to get over with that. Of course, you will have a lot of things on your mind, probably the most important of which is creating a conducive environment for your baby. 

To help those parents who pay serious attention to the baby’s nursery and want the best for babythis article summarizes six (6) essential items that should be in the nursery before the baby arrives.

  • The Baby’s Crib

Because a new-born baby is expected to sleep between 16 to 17 hours a day, the baby’s crib is by far the most important thing that you will need to put in a nursery for your baby.  A crib provides a safe environment for you to put your baby to sleep without worry. 

You should note that in positioning the baby’s crib, you need to make sure that it is placed in a location visible to you. It is recommended that the baby’s crib should never be in a hidden environment. However, in case nothing can be done about the location of the crib, you can get a camera attached to the crib and, at the same time, use a crib with bars. The bars will keep the baby from falling off. At the same time, you can always monitor the baby through the camera. 

  • The Baby’s Mattress

You must get a mattress that fits the crib and with fabric that is comfortable for your baby’s skin. You can use organic foam or waterproof foam. If you can’t find either of these, a safe and hypoallergenic mattress can be bought at affordable prices. The comfort offered by the matters will help your baby sleep easily. This also means more time for you to rest and sleep. 

  • The Baby’s Closet Space

Your baby will have change clothes from three to four times every day. This means that you need a baby’s closet space, also known as a baby changing station. This item is not optional. 

If you cannot afford a full-blown closet, you can get a baby’s drawer for all the baby items. You can also organize your baby’s closet in a way that allows for ease of accessibility. For instance, you can then arrange your baby’s clothing from top wears, to socks and hats.  

  • The Baby’s Mattress Cover and Sheets

Also, the baby’s mattress cover should be used along with the mattress. The mattress cover is needed because of the drool that your baby will produce. The mattress cover is there to protect the mattress from absorbing the drool and keep the baby’s bed clean. 

Ideally, your mattress cover is waterproof to make cleaning fast and easy. With a waterproof mattress cover, all you have to do is to wash the mattress cover instead of cleaning the whole bed itself. You should also consider getting a fine sheet to lay on the mattress. The fabric of this sheet will give a smooth feeling to your baby’s skin, thus helping your baby to sleep well.

  • The Nursing Mother’s Chair 

You would need to put a chair in your baby’s nursery. The chair is for the nursing mother to sit in when feeding the baby. It is advisable that you choose a chair that is very comfortable, as it may be used for long periods. This chair should allow the mother to easily change position, to lean, to put the feet up, and to rock the baby. This can help and reduce the stress of the hourly feeding of the baby. 

You can also consider getting a nursing pillow for the chair to support the mother’s back when sitting on the chair. Use the nursing pillow to support the baby’s head when feeding to prevent gas and indigestion. The mother might also use the nursing pillow for periodic baby exercises such as the tummy time exercise and other routines that involve lifting the baby’s arms or legs.

  • The Baby’s Clothes, Wipes, and Diapers

The baby’s clothes, wipes, and diapers are essential items that you need to prepare in abundance before the baby is delivered. Diapers are a must for babies so you need to stock up. The wipes are to clean up the drool and poo while the diapers are to prevent spillages. 

At the same time, check if you need bibs, bonnets, baby shoes, baby soap, baby powder, and the like. Just in case, check if you might need a breast pump, pacifier, bassinet, infant car seat, baby stroller, and so on. 

  • Takeaways

With all the expected excitement that comes with a new baby’s arrival, it is best to prepare the baby’s nursery beforehand. You also need to stock up on essentials needed in the nursery such as the baby’s crib, mattress, mattress cover, and changing station, to mention a few. Check that you have these essential items so that you feel ready to welcome your baby anytime.


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