Does a 1 year old child need presents for their birthday?

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A lot of times the question, “Does a 1 year old child need presents for their birthday?” comes up whenever a parent has a child who’s turning a year older. While there are many types of toys that you can give your child during their birthday celebration, you still need to be sure that the best present fits the interests of a 1 year-old. According to child development experts, as explained on, 1-year-olds need to have toys. Open-ended toys are considered the best presents, especially those that let toddlers act on their own instead of following specific instructions.

Reasons why 1-year-olds need presents

Presents especially toys are great for your 1 year old. After all the toddling, babbling, drooling, and grabbing everything in sight and putting it into their mouth your child needs to grow. There are several benefits to giving your child toys as presents. 

Part of their growth includes expanding their imagination skills and one of the benefits of toys is that they tend to expand and engage your child’s imagination. A toy that does less forces your child to use their imagination enhancing their imaginative skills so always avoid electronic and battery-powered toys. Buy toys that will help to stimulate and surprise their growing minds since babies’ brains develop quickly. 

You also need a toy that will keep them interested so add sensory or mobility features. Most 1-year-olds are in an age group where they are practicing how to speak and recognize rhymes; you need to buy them toys and presents that engage them like books that teach words. 

Toys also encourage problem-solving for example shape sorters and stacking toys. As your child figures out how stuff works she won’t get bored.

Features of the best presents

The present should be fun, as well as help your child nurture her motor skills and also explore the world. But most toys can be dangerous for your child since they can act as choking hazards. You need to find toys made of high-quality materials like wood or heavy-duty plastic that are less toxic, multifunctional, long-lasting, and engaging to your 1-year-old. 

Finding the best present for your 1 year old is tough and hard. This is because most children at this age group are not infants but toddlers who are starting to grow out of baby toys. When looking for toys, buy those with a variety of textures that they can explore with their hands.

The best presents to pick

Child development experts recommend presents like musical instruments, stuffed animals, and puzzles that a 1-year-old will love. This includes

Pulling and Pushing Toys – For your child to walk it requires a lot of effort. Pushing and pulling toys like built-in shape sorters and bead mazes will build your child’s strength and coordination.

Sorting and Stacking Toys – Shape sorters and stacking toys will help your child recognize shapes and colors enhancing their coordination skills and bilateral motion.

Fill-and-Spill Toys – A 1-year-old child will try and find objects that are hidden making fill-and-spill toys perfect presents for your child.

Since there are many gift ideas to choose from which can make it difficult, here are some of the best presents for a 1-year-old girl that will definitely intrigue you.


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