How to make the best of your time and be at peace with yourself

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We all know it’s not easy to be a single parent, particularly if you have your kids almost full time. As a mom with a career or a hobby, you are probably struggling with managing your time and energy to be on top of your best. You’ve already read many books on the subject and listened to all your friends’ theories on parenting skills. Not every day is created from sugar, spice and everything nice, and often it is very hard even trying to read a book.

However, we try to keep positive and focus on what it works-doing what needs to be done to keep our child happy. At the same time, we move forward while emphasizing and enjoying every positive experience on the way. In the last years, we’ve developed some life hacks you’ll probably agree you can’t live without. Each one significantly improves the balance of our lives, making us happier and stronger on a daily basis.

Ask for flexible work hours 

A single working parent means that you can’t plan your weekly agenda in advance. You don’t know what will be thrown at you next. Don’t be afraid to request work from home or flexible job hours if your child has a doctor’s appointment. Maybe you need to change the oil of your car. If your work or hobby does not offer these perks, do not stress out and push yourself at any cost. Keep your options open for an opportunity that offers better work-life balance, and something will come up in no time.

Try to be happier and satisfied

It sounds a bit cliché, but it’s no secret that when we do the things that make us happy, we feel better. When you start to make yourself happy about your work and free time, the more confident you’ll be at the end of the day. You don’t need to settle for the ordinary and be stuck in a routine. When you put the smile and glow on your face, you’ll surely pass that feeling to your kids, and when they see and feel our happiness, miracles happen.

Shop your groceries online

You probably do this, but it’s good to mention it again as a friendly reminder. Use the opportunities to have your groceries delivered straight to your kitchen counter. Almost every supermarket has an app or an online service that lets you add groceries to your virtual basket. You are probably wondering what does this have to do with work? Well, you actually save a lot of time while buying online. Try to order groceries from your phone during a break and you don’t have to stress out and worry about going to the supermarket after work. It’s that simple to check off one more thing from the long to-do list.

Don’t waste time on low-class first dates

If you don’t have a defined criterion someone must meet in order for a date to happen, make a list of what you won’t settle for. Do this, as it’s very important to know where you stand and what to expect. Here are simple examples to follow and live by: If he/she hasn’t made you laugh and kept you engaged and interested during the chatting phase, don’t try to feel the chemistry that obviously does not exist. Also, make sure that the other side is ok with you having a kid before you officially meet. The failed date stats show us that it is highly likely for them to feel distressed about the family affairs and in the worst-case scenario, even pretend you don’t have one. 

Indulge in your comfort

There is no reason to feel guilty if you want to buy or do something just for your own pleasure. Spend some time in the nearest spa centre and afford yourself a relaxing massage or buy that skirt you fancy in the mall. However, if you prefer to be a bit more low-key, try to enjoy your home alone time. If you want to spend the rest of the day playing games online that’s totally fine. Check out this colourful and beautifully designed Jammin’ Jars game at SlotsWise you’ll surely find interesting. Try a new pasta recipe, put on your silky pyjamas and binge some comedy series. If you don’t try to make the best of your free time, no one would do that for you and trust me, you’ll enjoy it.

Stop comparing yourself to others

You know when you start to compare yourself to others it only leads to one thing – feelings of failure and inadequacy. There’s always someone who is doing better than you and that’s totally fine. If you spend far too much time judging and comparing yourself, you’ll really be on the way to become bitter, sad and perform worse than you think. Stop, look behind and see how far you’ve come. Look forward and see where you want to go and project the accomplishments along the path, you’re on. Work on your goals, do one small step at a time and you’ll make great progress on the way to be happy and fulfilled.


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