The Best Ice Creams To Try This Year

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Ice cream is a treat that people around the world enjoy, especially during summer. Enjoying a cold but sweet goodie during a sweltering day is what summer is all about, especially for kids. Ice cream trucks were trendy in the past, and chasing an ice cream truck happens even today in some countries like the US.

Ice cream remains to be one of kids’ favorite treats for many reasons. They’re usually cheap, and they can do wonders to the taste buds. Also, ice cream can be found almost everywhere. But, most importantly, the variety of flavors and colors that ice cream parlors have to offer are wide. These are just a few things that the children (and even grown ups) are most excited about.

Modern Times Have Brought Modern Types And Flavors

In the past, ice creams were delicious but straightforward. People were able to choose from several standard flavors, like vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry. Whether they had them within the cones or on a stick, the ice cream industry was simple but successful.

As times have gone by and technologies have evolved, the ice cream industry has also begun experimenting with lots of new flavors. And, these are some of the scrumptious aftermaths of these innovations:

Mochi Ice Cream

Mochi ice cream was invented by Japenese-American activist and businesswoman Frances Hashimoto during the early ‘90s. It is one of a kind, and what makes it so special is that it’s made from mochigome. Mochi is a popular Japanese sweet dish made out of short-grain rice with some standard ingredients, like sugar, water, and cornstarch.

What makes it fun is that you can eat it with your fingers. The outer layer of mochi ice cream has a skin that won’t melt upon touch. Additionally, you may choose from a variety of attractive flavors, like pistachio, chocolate & nuts, raspberry, caramel, etc.

Non-dairy Ice Cream

This type of ice cream is meant mostly for people who are lactose intolerant. This is still an excellent choice for ice cream lovers around the world. Non-dairy ice cream has a unique and vast range of fruit-based flavors, like watermelon, pear, strawberry, blueberry, and many others. Your taste buds will appreciate the taste, and your body will be grateful as well.

Pizza Ice Cream

Now, this is unexpected, but you are probably not new to the fact that people around the world like to experiment and come up with new things. An ice cream parlor in Philadelphia came up with the idea of creating pizza ice cream. This ice cream consists of standard pizza ingredients, like crushed tomatoes and red bell pepper, oregano, basil, raw garlic paste, and salt. And, in case your taste buds are craving for real pizza, you can get a slice on top of your pizza ice cream since this ice cream parlor works closely with a nearby pizza bar.

Banana Split Ice Cream Sandwich

This specific type provides you with a whole new way of enjoying your favorite ice cream dish, and it comes with a twist.

Ice cream sandwiches are incredibly popular throughout the world. They are mostly made of cookie dough that serve as bread slices and filled with various ice cream flavors. Eating ice cream sandwiches is fun since you can take them with your hands and bite into them like you would eat a regular sandwich since they’re usually served without the spoon.

On the other hand, the banana split is a sweet dish made from bananas and ice cream, topped with whipped cream. It’s usually served in a bowl with a spoon or even a dessert fork.

What makes the banana split ice cream sandwich so exciting and different is that it’s a perfect mix of the above-mentioned ice cream varieties!

Banana Ice Cream With Salted Caramel

This ice cream is one exciting mix of sweet and savory flavors. It’s made by using ripe bananas to make a banana puree, which is then spiced with salted caramel sauce. The crunchiness and the explosion of flavors are what make this ice cream combination the one that everyone must try. People who have already tasted it claim that the combination of flavors is fantastic, and that both salted caramel and banana flavors go incredibly well together.


Today, people can try various ice cream dishes and enjoy the flavors they never had a chance to try before. The ice cream industry has significantly changed over the years, and people adapted quickly to these changes. Whether or not you are an ice cream enthusiast, you will most definitely enjoy the best ice cream inventions and mixes listed above.


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