How to care for your Tooth Enamel

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You should take proper care of your mouth to ensure that your overall health is maintained. When it comes to your dental health, your teeth should be taken care of as per the recommendations of your dentists. This entails visiting the dentist regularly so that any issues with your teeth and oral health can be assessed and any remedial procedures done in a timely fashion. Now, when it comes to the enamel, it is important that one knows what to do to ensure this part of the tooth does not decay. You can visit to learn more about the enamel and how to take care of it.

Here are some things you need to do to care for your enamel:

Limit or avoid sugary foods and drinks

It would be a very good idea to avoid sugary foods. You see, bacteria feed on the sugar in your mouth and these goods add lots of it. The bacteria then make acids in the mouth, and this makes the enamel soft hence it wears away. Soft drinks that do not have sugar could be an alternative but they also have acid and this wears the enamel with time. The best choice you have is plain water or water that is flavored. The good thing with avoidance of sugar and sugary foods is that it helps you avoid other health conditions and should, therefore, be adhered to strictly where possible.

Eat foods good for the enamel

This is a very easy way to protect your enamel without having to spend much. By eating foods that protect the enamel and the tooth generally, you are making your oral health better. Calcium is very important for the formation of the enamel and the bones in general. You can get calcium from foods such as milk, general dairy products like cheese and so on. To help you keep the calories down, you should choose foods that are low in fat or those that are completely fat-free. For the people who do not consume dairy products, they can source other alternative foods or those that have calcium added.

Do not over-brush

You can easily damage the enamel by over-brushing. This means you could be brushing your teeth too fast and hard, meaning that the brush becomes abrasive to the enamel. The right way to brush is to hold the brush at 45 degrees to your gums. Move the brush back and forth, and make gentle strokes. After you have eaten citrus fruits or sweets, you should wait for up to one hour and brush your teeth. This is because acidic foods soften the enamel and can, therefore, mean your enamel will be damaged if you brush too soon after taking these foods.

Use Fluoride

Fluoride is a very important fighter of cavities since it strengthens the enamel. It also helps fight the early signs of enamel decay. Fluoride is good at making the teeth resistant to acids, therefore, protects and strengthens the enamel in the long run.



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