What a pet means to its owner

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Pet owners treat their pets just like they behave with their children. They take care of the pets as much as they can and want to share all the fun moments of the pets’ life with them. Just like a baby’s parents want to capture all the lively moments of the child’s initial days, even the pet owners want to capture the moments in which the pet is making some randomly attractive gestures and is seen in a rather fun mood.

All pet owners look forward to making memories out of those. Just like the parents make an album of their children’s photos while they are growing, even the pet owners have the enthusiasm of making a picture collage or an album of the pet’s photographs.

Pictures and Memories

This signifies the importance of pets for their pet owners, and therefore, these memories are extremely special for these people. Most of the pet owners make use of the cameras present in their mobile phones to capture these special moments with their pets. There might even be High-resolution cameras present with these pet owners, but when these moments arise where the pet is in the mood, then they might not find the time to fetch the camera and capture the moment.

Thus, the camera of the mobile phone is the savior for these pet owners, and they have to use it to capture the candid moments of their pets. But the problem with the camera of any mobile phone is that it does not provide them with the best resolution and angles, something which will be guaranteed with a high-resolution camera. So what should these pet owners do so that they get the best pictures of the pets with the ordinary mobile phone camera whenever their pet showcases an attractive gesture.

Preserve the Moment

The first thing that you need to take care of when you are you want to capture a candid moment of your pet outdoors is that you need to remove any distractions from your side. This means that you need to turn off the shutter sounds and the flashlight of the camera.

These things can draw the attention of the pet instantly and can result in spoiling the entire moment that you want to capture. These can be considered as rather precautionary steps that you can take whenever you want to capture the portrait of your pets in a candid moment when they are present outdoors.

You Need Better ‘Focus’

To capture the moment correctly and more vividly, you should focus the camera on the aspect of the pets’ body that you want to show. Every smartphone or high-resolution camera has a focus feature in it, which can be used for enhancing the aspect of the picture that you want to show.

To get better focus, you can either use the inbuilt features of the smartphone camera or can improve the lighting. When you are capturing the moment outdoors, then you should take the picture from an angle where the sunlight falling on the pets’ face is more.

Pet Art

For making the portraits of the dog more special and attractive, you can seek the help of the websites which help in optimizing these images and make them more attractive. The online platforms meant for designing dog portraits are gaining popularity, and these portraits can even be optimized such that the digital form can be converted into a form that can be framed and hung on the walls of the house. One of these platforms for obtaining a good dog portrait is the canvas pop website.

From CanvasPop, you can even get the canvas prints on which the portrait of the dog can be printed and used for the decor of your house. Once you are finished making the digital portrait of your dog, then you can choose a good digital frame and hang the portrait on the walls. If the frame matches the texture and theme of the wall, then it will be a great addition to the decor of your house.

Treats for Posing

If the purpose of your visit with your dog outdoors is to capture a good picture of your dog to make a dog portrait, then you will have to make the dog pose. Yes, you read it right, pet dogs are great posers, but you need to know how to get them to pose. You can use treats and attractions and then make them pose for the best pictures that you will be able to click of theirs.

Some Camera Features for A Dog Portrait

To get good portrait pictures of your pet, you can turn on the rapid-fire or Multi-Shot feature of the camera. With this feature, once you click the capture button of your camera, the camera will automatically take multiple shots of the subject. In this way, whatever the dog is doing will be captured in multiple shots, and you are most likely to get one great shot out of all of these. This is used by most of the pet lovers today who click pictures intending to get a great pet portrait.

As stated earlier as well when you want to capture a dog portrait in the outdoors, then lighting is extremely important. Thus, it is advised that the pictures are taken during early morning hours or at the time of sunset so that the background and the lighting are optimum for the portrait pictures.


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