Celebrating Nature in the Great Indoors through Optimal Indoor Design for Kids

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The average person in the UK spends 90% of their day indoors, which isn’t great news for kids growing up in this millennium. A study commissioned last year by the National Trust found that children spend half the time playing outside that their parents did, enjoying the wonder of outdoor play for just four hours per week! Many studies have shown that being in the midst of nature does wonders for the body and mind, motivating children to take part in energetic play and bringing down stress hormone (cortisol) levels in a powerful way. This winter, if the weather is cold outside, you can still head out during sunnier times of the day, and celebrate the beauty of nature with clever interior design that will remind children of the beauty of nature.

Filling Common Areas and Bedrooms with Plants

Have a good look at your home, identifying places in common areas and in bedrooms where an indoor plant or two might flourish beautifully. The air in some homes can be significantly more polluted than it is outside – and plants can help, by removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs). To brighten up a child’s room, try to select plants bearing more than one colour. Choose plants which are easy to grow and maintain – including the Chinese Evergreen, African violets, and Peperomia – the latter are actually succulents that flourish beneath fluorescent lighting!

Replace Pressed Furniture with Solid Wood

It is possible to be ultra fashionable and respectful of the environment, by opting for bamboo and other sustainable materials for home furnishings. Bringing wood and wood effects into a child’s living area abode instil the sense of comfort and relaxation that only natural materials can provide. As stated by custom home builders Paradisa Homes, solid wood and bamboo furniture not only looks good, but is also free of the toxins that pressed wood furniture can emanate. To complement wooden flooring, beds, and even walls, consider other natural materials such as stone and clay – to create a truly relaxing oasis that smells and feels like the wonderful world outside.

Animal Motifs

Nature author Richard Louv insists that the best way to get children excited about the environment, is to celebrate its beauty with joy instead of fear or devastating predictions about the future. One way to celebrate nature’s diversity and life, is through animal motifs. You can make a simple coat or scarf hanger by cutting out basic animal shapes in wood for this purpose, or buy animal-inspired pieces of décor from sustainable toy makers. Your child’s favourite animals can make their presence felt in many ways – through stuffed toys, animal-shaped door stops, paintings, engraved art, and even a little cuckoo clock that can be silenced at night time.

Even on the rainiest or snowiest days, it is possible to celebrate the beauty of nature. From hand-painted murals bearing nature motifs to inspired wallpaper, décor pieces, and furniture, there are many ways to constantly remind kids of the beauty of the world outside. Health should always be the primary consideration, so if you are remodelling your children’s rooms, keep air quality at an optimal level by going for natural fabrics and materials. This will help keep their respiratory health in check and yield the calming effect that materials like sustainable wood can have.


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