5 Family-Friendly Christmas Activities

It’s hard to believe that the festive season is almost here. But it’s already starting to get dark very early, and the TV schedules are packed with endless Christmas adverts. With the average UK family spending £500 extra each December, it’s no wonder that many people head into the festive break with a fair degree of trepidation.

While many people can understandably get stressed around Christmas, it’s sometimes fun to just go with the flow. Many families love using the holiday season to enjoy watching films on television or catching up with their TV shows. I have a soft spot for whiling away the dark evening with a selection of Christmas jigsaw puzzles. Some of them even like to relax by playing puzzle and sports video games and some of them enjoy battle arenas online. In addition to that, many of the adults also like playing casino games on sites like casinodeal.co.uk. But when it comes to keeping the whole family entertained during the holiday season, here are 5 activities you and your family should definitely consider.

Getting Crafty For Christmas

Christmas is a time where we can all enjoy trying out our craft skills. It’s a great way to get the kids involved, and they love to keep their hands busy. Think about making some fun Christmas decorations for the tree, or even just some festive paper snowflakes. Just don’t aim for perfection as it’s all about taking part and keeping busy. At least there’s no way of ending up with something as tasteless as most women’s Halloween costumes, as Christmas is all about the feelgood factor.

Cook Some Delicious Treats

Cooking at Christmas doesn’t always have to be just about getting stressed out with a massive turkey. All kids will love to enjoy getting messy in the kitchen, and as long as they get appropriately supervised, it’s a fun way to learn about what goes into the food that we eat. Check out some of these fun Christmas recipes for kids that show you how something as simple as a gingerbread man or even a snowman cake can be enjoyable to cook and simply divine to eat.

Play Some Board Games

When the weather’s too nasty to head outdoors, playing games can be a great way to let off steam. Video games consoles like the Nintendo Wii can be perfect for entertaining over-active kids. Plus never underestimate the power of old-school board games like Risk and Snakes and Ladders. Even when the little ones have gone to bed, adults can keep getting into wild arguments over the Monopoly board. Surely a more exciting way to spend the festive season than just watching endless episodes of Strictly Come Dancing and Call The Midwife.

Go For A Lovely Walk

Once you’ve filled up on lots of festive food, it’s often a good idea for a nice family walk to prevent any stomach cramps. While it can often be tough in trying to gather everybody together to leave the warmth of being indoors, you will definitely feel so much better once you’re out in the crisp winter air. Even something like a short walk around the local park can do a world of good. And also if the weather’s horrible outside, it will make coming back home all the more enjoyable.

Enjoy Some Festive Music

Just about everybody loves a good Christmas carol, and even the most tone-deaf person can’t fail to be moved by the beautiful melody of Silent Night. That is why it’s an excellent idea to try and get out to your local church to sing some carols on the run-up to Christmas. Of course, there are many other places where you can hear some of this traditional choral music. Anywhere from your local shopping centre to your doorstep can suddenly witness an outbreak of carol singing. While not all of us can sing like angels, if you get your entire family involved, it can help to mask any dud notes!


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