5 Baby Items you can’t do without

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After the long and tedious journey of pregnancy, you will finally get to hold your little angel in your arms. While the joy is unmatched, it can be cut short if you were not adequately prepared for their arrival. During and after pregnancy, one has to fully stock on all the essential products that will be used by the babies. To help you in the preparation, here are the top five items you can’t do without when having a baby.

1. Diapers

With newborns, expect them to pee up to six times a day and poop from twice to eight times a day. Having this in mind, ensure that you have an ample supply of diapers. You can choose from disposable to cloth diapers.

If you choose disposables diapers, stock them in bulk to avoid running to the market to re-stock frequently. For the reusable cloth diapers, have a dozen or two according to how often you will clean them.

2. Wet wipes

As mentioned above, babies wet their diapers more often, thus the multiple changes. While changing the diaper, you will need plenty of wet wipes to clean your child. Not only do you need the wipes for your baby’s bums, but also to wipe the spit-ups from your child’s face and neck.

3. Comfy baby carrier

You can’t hold your baby in your arms the whole day. You will need to engage yourself in other activities such as doing the dishes, responding to emails, and so on. Your baby might not love the idea of being left all alone though. This calls for a cozy and comfortable baby carrier or wrap. It will help you get things done easily. You can purchase them from an online baby shop or a retail store near you.

4. Swaddles and receiving blankets

Swaddle blankets are incredibly comforting to newborns. It is suggested that they soothe excessive crying and induces sleep to babies. This replicates the same feeling they had in the womb. It also helps prevent the Moro reflex triggered by their sudden, involuntary movements.

Ensure that the swaddle is not too tight to allow free movement of the baby’s arms and legs. The receiving blankets will help keep your baby warm. You can find some great options here

5. Baby clothes

Clothes are essential in every baby as they regulate their temperature and make them look more adorable. You will need different sets of baby’s clothes as categorized below:

  • Onesies

Babies have no control of their spits hence spitting all over their onesies. Also, they can be having leaky diapers that leave poops reaching up to their backs. With all this mess, changing your baby’s clothes is going to be done more frequently; hence the need for several sets of onesies.

  • Socks and hats

The baby’s skin is susceptible to changes in temperatures. It is always essential to keep the baby warm throughout, regardless of where you live. This will prevent your baby from losing too much body heat.


As you enjoy the journey of parenthood, it’s important to note and have all the necessities you require for your child. All these items are available in retail shops near you, or on an online baby shop.


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