An Easy At-Home Guide To Laser Hair Removal

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Have you ever wondered what laser hair removal is all about?

Every time you think of laser hair removal treatments, you probably wonder how expensive it is, especially if it is clinic also employes a laser for hair hair removal.

However, that should not worry you as you can perform the procedure at home by yourself. Thanks to modern skincare technology, there are laser hair removal devices that you can use at safely home. An example is Tria laser 4X that is approved by the FDA and comes with a simple and easy to understand manual.

Sounds fun? Well, you’ll have to invest in a good one to achieve flawless results. On top of that, they come with instructions that should be followed by the book. Finding it expensive to go to the clinic? Is it your first-time trying laser hair removal?

Try this home guide below.

Assess your Hair and Skin Tone

All laser hair removal devices are facilitated by different hair textures and skin tones. Normally, the laser will target the pigment making it suited for darker hair and light skin.

For darker skin, the melanin is usually affected by the laser heat resulting in the skin developing a burn. In terms of hair texture, ensure that it is not fair as you will achieve less impressive results. Consult a dermatologist if you are unsure of your hair texture and skin tone.

Identify Treatment Areas

Which part of your body do you want to get rid of the hair? Laser treatment is suited for lower leg region and underarms. Treating facial hair is highly discouraged because of hairs are fine and hormone-driven.

Also, avoid treating your genitalia or injured areas to prevent serious complications. How regularly you will undertake the procedure will be determined by your hair growth cycle. Doing it once a month is recommended, but if your hair grows faster then 2-3 times will be necessary.

Perform Shaving Religiously

The process of hair removal normally targets the follicle at the surface of your skin. Unlike waxing where you must pluck every strand from the root, shaving allows the hair follicles to remain at the bottom of your skin.

It is for this reason that waxing is discouraged before undertaking the laser process. Should you opt for waxing, then do so a month or two before your treatment, that way the laser equipment will be able to capture the follicles.

During the Laser Treatment Process

Make sure the body parts you intend to perform the laser treatment are thoroughly cleaned and well shaven.

Read all the instructions beforehand to avoid making mistakes that will jeopardize the results and healing process.

Now, begin by placing your device at 90-degree angle making sure it’s against the surface of your skin. Start circling in motion as you work your way through the area. Avoid revisiting the same spot twice as it will cause uncomfortable skin irritation.

After the Laser Treatment Process

Once you are done, clean up the hair free area with recommended disinfectants and apply after shave creams.

Disinfect the treated areas regularly and look out for anything odd. Moreover, avoid excessive exposure to the sun as it will affect the healing process. Should anything come up, consult your doctor immediately.


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