How To Take Your Nursing Career To The Next Level

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You may be bored in your current healthcare role and are looking for ways to challenge yourself or make more money. One idea is to focus on how you can take your career to another level and progress in a forward direction over time.

What you don’t want to do is get too comfortable where you are or stop trying to advance your skills. Instead, concentrate on figuring out how you can spend your time productively and get ahead in your nursing career. You’ll be much happier when you’re performing well and being properly compensated for your hard work and efforts in a role that’s better suited for you.

Map out A Plan

It’s important to have a plan of attack for what you want your next step to be in your career. Start mapping out where you see yourself in five and ten years from now and how you’re going to get there. Begin to set goals for what you want to accomplish as time goes on and you gain more experience in your position. This is going to give you more insight as to what possibilities exist in your field based on the direction you want to head.

Obtain an Advanced Degree

Take your nursing career to the next level by committing to pursuing continuing education. For instance, you may want to check out the DNP executive leadership online programs and what jobs you’ll be able to get after completing these courses. While there are certain educational requirements you’ll have to take in your career, there are also courses that you can pursue that will directly help you to get a job that will require more responsibility and higher levels of critical thinking. With a busy schedule, an online program may be exactly what you need to help you meet this objective. 

Focus on Networking

Additionally, another way to move on up with your nursing career is to focus on building a strong network of connections. Some of these people you meet may be able to open doors for you and get you interviews at employers where you want to work. Also, it’ll be nice to meet other like-minded individuals who are already successful in their careers or who are also working on getting ahead currently like you. Spend your time putting yourself out there and networking with other healthcare professionals, both online and offline and see what advice they have for you. Attend networking events and conferences as one way to grow your network and meet new people.

Join Professional Organizations

You should also consider joining professional organizations as a way to take your nursing career to the next level. Not only will you get to know more people but you’ll also be furthering your knowledge and skills by taking part in these types of groups. In addition, it looks great on your resume and like you’re using your free time wisely. Keep in mind that there are general groups to join as well as those focused more on a specific specialty so do your homework before committing to a particular organization or association. It’s an opportunity to gain new experiences outside of your normal job duties and routine and to learn from others in your field.

Volunteer in Your Free Time

Another way to build up your resume is to volunteer your time when you have the chance. It’s a great way to explore different paths or avenues related to the nursing field. You’ll also be helping out those in need and it’ll feel good to put a smile on someone else’s face. You never know when your volunteer work may turn into a full-time job or position down the road as well. There may also be chances to take on more responsibility right where you currently work instead of having to look elsewhere to volunteer. Be prepared to raise your hand and offer up your assistance if your boss is looking for someone to take on additional responsibilities at your workplace.

Track Your Performance

The reality is that only you know exactly what you’ve achieved and accomplished over the years. It’s important that if you want to get ahead in your career that you’re willing and able to talk yourself up. You’ll be more likely to get a promotion at your job when you can prove that the work you’ve done has truly benefited your workplace. Therefore, get in the habit of tracking your own performance and being able to speak highly about what you bring to the table so you can get noticed at work.

Focus on Building A Good Reputation for Yourself

Part of the job of being a good nurse will entail you being someone who’s trustworthy and can demonstrate integrity in all you do. Therefore, focus your time on building a good reputation for yourself in the nursing field. Always maintain a positive attitude, confidentiality and be respectful of other people and their time. Take your nursing career to the next level by allowing others to see and recognize that you’re a team player so that they want to work with you in the future.

Be Proactive

What furthering your nursing career truly comes down to is you being proactive and dedicated to your profession. It’s important that you’re hands-on in your approach and never give up trying to improve over the years. You can’t sit around waiting for opportunities to come to you or you may be missing out on current chances to advance your career. For example, you can choose to obtain additional certifications in your down time or work on developing your leadership skills so you can move into a management position.


These are a few ways for how you can take your nursing career to the next level and get ahead at work. Have fun seeing what you’re capable of and how far you can go when you put your mind to it. Avoid worrying about the what-ifs and conquer any fears by coming up with a plan and then taking action to achieve your goals.


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