Should You Buy a Spring or Foam Mattress?

The wrong mattress can ruin your sleep quality for years. Investing in the right type of bed can seem like a daunting task. You want to find the perfect product that meets your needs and stays within your price range.

To better decide which mattress is right for you, and help you get a better nights sleep, keep reading to learn about your available options. Spring and ​foam mattresses ​are among the most common types, and you can learn how to select between them.

Types of mattresses

Spring or foam mattresses are most common but they are by no means the only option:

● Spring mattresses

● Foam mattresses

● Gel mattresses provide a cooler sleeping surface. It offsets the heating effects of foam by absorbing the temperature over a more extended time.

● Latex mattresses provide a natural solution for bedding. They have more bounce and retain less heat.

Hybrid mattresses​ can offer the support and comfort of multiple types in one product. You can experience a soft, foam-like feeling with firm, spring mattress support.

● Waterbeds are not as popular as they once were, but these mattresses feature fillable chambers to adjust your bed.

● Pillowtop mattresses feature extra padding on top of the bed. This material can cool, add comfort, and add bounce to the mattress beneath.

● Polyfoam mattresses offer customized solutions and feature a variety of densities.

● Adjustable beds can recline or sit up with the press of a button.

● Airbeds typically offer a convenient, temporary solution with an air-filled mattress.

● Organic mattresses utilize other resources to create mattresses sustainably.

Out of all of the available types of mattresses, spring and foam options are the most popular. Both options have been around for decades and offer a range of products to suit your unique sleeping needs. Learn more about spring mattresses and memory foam options below.

What is a spring mattress?

Innerspring mattresses have been around for a long time, and they continue to be one of the most popular types of mattresses. Generally, steel coils inside the mattress compress whenever you lay on the bed. There are several types of spring mattresses with a range of coil types and quantities.

● Continuous coils support your bed with just one wire. These coils are twisted into an S-shape and offer increased durability for your mattress.

● Bonnell – This is one of the oldest types of mattresses, first used for buggy seat cushions. These coils are formed in an hourglass structure.

● Offset coils – These are in an hourglass shape and provide a quiet, sturdy surface.

● Marshall coils – These coils are independent and provide motion isolation.

● Pocketed coils – These are similar to Marshall coils. More coils usually equals higher quality.

Benefits of a spring mattress

Spring mattresses have a lot of benefits that may suit your needs. Visit different home or mattress stores to test out the different types of spring mattresses and find the right brand for you.

● Cost-effective: Innerspring mattresses are very common and therefore have a lower price tag. These mattresses are great if you need a quality mattress on a smaller budget.

● Durable: An innerspring mattress can last many years if you care for it properly. The solid construction keeps the springs from wearing out quickly.

● Availability: You can find spring mattresses online or in almost any home or mattress store.

● Ventilation: Heat quickly dissipates because of the space between the mattresses.

Cons of a spring mattress

Spring mattresses aren’t perfect. There are a few drawbacks to this type of bed that may make you decide to choose a different option.

● Wear & tear: The springs or coils can lose support over time. This wear and tear will affect the firmness of your mattress and your overall sleep quality.

● Heavy: If you ever have to move a spring mattress, it is a lot to carry. It is also difficult to clean or air out this type of bed.

● Allergens: Dust mites and other allergens can get trapped in the wool and fiber of this type of mattress. You have to clean a spring mattress more frequently to prevent problems with allergies.

● Significant motion transfer: Many types of innerspring mattresses have significant motion transfer. If you share your bed with a partner, you could easily disturb one another if you move during the night.

What is a foam mattress?

Memory foam mattresses​ are quickly becoming a popular option for beds. As memory foam improves in quality, these mattresses offer more benefits to consumers. They are often considered one of the most comfortable types of mattresses on the market thanks to their pillow-like surface.

Benefits of a foam mattress

Foam mattresses provide a higher level of comfort and reduce the pressure on your spine. Over the years, memory foam has been researched and studied to make further improvements in the quality and application of this material.

● Comfort: The soft surface conforms to your body as you rest.

● Less pressure: Foam mattresses reduce stress on your spine as you sleep. This type of bed has been shown to reduce back or neck pain over time.

● Silent: This type of mattress does not have any springs or coils and is virtually silent.

● Hypoallergenic: The materials used in foam mattresses resist dust mites and prevent issues with allergies.

● Limited motion transfer: You or your partner can move around without disturbing the other.

Cons of a foam mattress

There are some drawbacks to consider with memory foam mattresses as well.

● Weight: These are also cumbersome mattresses and challenging to move or clean.

● Firmness: Memory foam tends to be softer in hot climates and firmer in cold climates. The firmness of your mattress is likely to change throughout the seasons.

● Odor: If you do not air out this type of bed, it can absorb unpleasant smells.

● Price: The high quality carries a higher price tag. This mattress may not be a viable option if you are on a tighter budget.

Recommendations for Choosing Your Mattress

If you are looking for a quality mattress that is affordable and dependable, an innerspring mattress may be best. This type of bed has been around for a long time and offers a reliable solution to getting quality sleep. You may need to purchase a slipcover to prevent allergens from collecting in your mattress or a mattress topper to make your bed more comfortable. However, it is still one of the most popular bedding options for good reasons.

For shoppers with a larger budget or chronic back pain, a memory foam mattress is your best bet. This type of mattress relieves pressure on your spine and offers a higher quality of sleep every night. While it does carry a hefty price tag, you are paying for a higher standard of quality. You can also find a hybrid mattress to pair the comfort of memory foam with the structure of spring mattresses. If you are looking for a high-quality hybrid or memory foam mattress,​ has a variety of options to meet your needs.


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