How You Can Create a More ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Garden

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When it comes to home improvement, it can be easy to want to submit to the temptation of letting a professional take over, especially when you can’t get that wall-roof crease exactly right and you’ve knocked the paint tub over for the thousandth time. There’s something ridiculously satisfying (and stubborn) about doing it all yourself and stepping back to admire your hard work. It’s especially rewarding if you have growing children to whom you are trying to teach the benefits of hard work.

This is no different when it comes to your outside space. The garden is a goldmine for fun and quirky opportunities to let out your personality and have fun creating your new favourite space, especially if the whole family gets involved. Here’s how.

  • Have a Go At Making Your Own Garden Furniture

You’re going to need your own place to sit and relax when you’re ready to admire your completed space. So why not create some unique furniture items for your garden? Perhaps you’re tired of strolling through the garden centre aisles, looking at the same sets which practically everybody has. Fashioning your own garden furniture is an excellent opportunity to upcycle or use recyclable materials. Seating areas can be created from recycled wooden pallets, for example, and given a nice paint job with a layer or hand-sewn cushions. Or you could create quirky seats from old wooden barrels. Use any means at your disposal, and take a look at charity shops for any old pieces which could be given new life.

  • Consider Growing Your Own Grass

If your ideal garden has to have grass, but you don’t have the perfect lawn of your dreams yet, consider growing your own. You can purchase grass seed for the exact type of grass you would like for your garden. Or, if there’s simply a few bare patches of soil in your garden which you don’t know what to do with, planting grass seeds can be a great space-filler and add extra greenery to your little outside haven. Growing your own grass means you have the freedom to position your lawn exactly as you would like it, and whichever size you would like.

  • Paint Your Own Features

If you have a tall fence, wooden decking or any other features such as a rock wall or a garden shed, consider letting your creative side out in a burst of colour. Instead of painting all your woodwork the same brown, why not design something a little different and have bold, bright stripes on your fence or a pastel-shaded shed. This is especially fun to do with young children who can offer their input into the colour choices (obviously if they come with parent seal of approval, however).

  • Hang Your Own Lights

Fairy lights are beautiful for any garden, and with solar-powered options, there’s really no reason not to make your garden sparkle. By buying easy-to-hang strip lighting, you can wrap and drape your lights over your garden features in whichever way you please to create the twinkling look you’re really going for, unique to you.


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