How much do you spend on clothes?

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How much do you think you spend on clothes? Does where you live impact your clothes budget? Clothing brand Chums has recently conducted research to investigate spending habits across the UK, to see which parts of the country are spending the most on their wardrobes.

In my mind, I don’t spend much money on clothes. ‘Oh yeah, stuff like clothes and shoes just isn’t important to me,’ I say in a smug voice that implies I’m better than you. And then I look in my built-in wardrobe, which I realise takes up basically a whole wall in my bedroom, and it’s full of clothes and shoes.

Whoops. #fashionspend for me apparently.

(Out of everything in my wardrobe, these boots are still going strong and are an absolute favourite. Red AND animal print – what’s not to love? Also some quality videography in that post.)

Looking at the infographic that Chums has put together, I might be able to get away with blaming my location. Although Birmingham came out top, Bristol people are also big spenders, and that’s one of my closest cities AND I lived there for a few years. How can I possibly be blamed for the contents of my wardrobe? It’s just a question of geography. I’m helpless in the face of science.

What I will say in my defence is that I do tend to wear pretty much everything I own on a regular basis and I don’t hoard things – I do a regular clear out and give things I don’t wear to charity, so really, I’m being a good person aren’t I? I also buy quite a few bits in charity shops, so I’m being green about it too!

My most extravagant clothing spend, (apart from my wedding dress, which I actually tried on last week as it’s still sat in my mum’s wardrobe, never having been used), was probably a floor length gold silk skirt. It cost me £250 20 years ago as part of an outfit for a black tie Christmas party I was arranging at the company I worked for fresh out of university. I’d never had a proper full-time salary before and although I wasn’t exactly raking it in, it was a massive change from being a full-time student and single parent of a toddler. £250 still felt like an awful lot of money mind, especially when I woke up the next morning, hungover, to find I’d spilt red wine all down the front of it…

How much do you think you spend on clothes and how does it stack up against the findings from Chums? Check out the infographic and see how your spending compares.

What's the average amount to spend on clothes?


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