No time for regular diet meetings at Weight Watchers? Try these alternative diets

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Many people, both men and women, can sometimes feel the need to ditch a few pounds and shape up a little. This is an area where women in particular can feel a lot of pressure, especially when it comes to things such as getting back to your normal body shape post-birth or toning up for a beach holiday. This leads many people to deciding that a diet is the way to go. When you consider that diets provide a safe and simple way to lose those excess pounds, it is easy to see why. As long as you follow a sensible diet, it is a great way to boost your self-confidence and get the body you want.

However, picking out the right one for your lifestyle is key. Plans such as Weight Watchers are one option, but they simply do not work for some people. This is mainly down to the demands on your time that it involves. Regular weekly meetings are not always convenient for those with busy lives, and this can see you unable to attend them. Overall, this can see you not get the full benefit of the plan due to how it is structured around these meetings.

If you are looking for effective diets that fit a bit more easily into your busy life, then the below are some great plans to think about.

The 1:1 Diet

This was formally known as the Cambridge Diet but has now been rebranded to The 1:1 Diet. The new name is fitting as it gives a perfect insight into what is on offer. The first step is to select from a range of diet consultants in your area who will help you get going and support you along the way. Following that, you would work out your personal diet plan with them and then order up the tasty meal replacement supplies to help you fulfil it. The great thing about this diet plan is that although there are no regular meetings that you have to attend in person, bespoke support is always on hand via your consultant. The meal replacements also taste really good, and they can deliver awesome results if you stick to the plan faithfully.

The Paleo Diet

Another popular diet plan that you could follow at home is the Paleo Diet. As with The 1:1 Diet, there is no need to attend any weekly meetings that eat into your time and money. Instead, this diet plan is one that you monitor yourself through what you eat. Its basic premise is that you should eat more of the foods that our ancient ancestors did. This includes vegetables, lean protein, nuts, seeds and fruit but gives dairy, processed food and grains a miss. Studies have shown this diet to lead to weight loss when followed correctly, but there is no support on hand to help you through it.

The Dukan Diet

This is one of the best home diet plans to consider and has been around for a while now. This is high in protein and low in carbs, which helps you to first lose weight and then maintain your new level. You move through the phases at your own pace depending on how much weight you plan to lose. When in the weight loss phase, you would mainly eat oat bran and high-protein foods. The other phase sees non-starchy vegetables and some fat and carbs allowed too. This diet has been shown to increase your metabolic rate, which is great for helping you to lose weight.


One of the most widely known diets of the last 5 years, veganism is growing – fast. Adopting a vegan lifestyle can lead to almost immediate weight loss. Not only do you ingest calories in lower amounts, thanks to consuming many fewer calorie dense foods, but you avoid the high-fat items found even in vegetarian diets, particularly dairy. That said, veganism can lead to weight gain unless you’ve got some willpower to back it. While becoming accustomed to your low-calorie ways, people often report they crave high-energy snacks and sugary treats. The biggest pitfall of veganism of course is that the dietary change is essentially a total shift in lifestyle and ditching all animal food products is absolutely not for everyone, whether that’s due to personal preference or simply practicality, such as when raising a family.

Make time to get the body you want

If you are ready to get back to looking how you want, then choosing the right diet to follow is key. If you need one that you can do at home and fit into your busy working life, then the above are great choices. All can be followed simply during each day, wherever you may be. They will not only save you lots of time in having to go along to actual meetings but also help you lose weight if followed correctly.


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