How to plan a perfect beach vacation on a budget?

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Do you find it difficult to plan your trip to a perfect beach destination when your budget is low? Do you dream about spending your vacation on the beach and some quality time out there? If you are dreaming so, then you are in the right place.

According to many frequent travellers, February is the month when people prefer travelling because of various obvious reasons. It is that month of the year where you will see beaches are packed with people.

According to a report, 17.9 percent of people who love to visit the beaches alone, while about 18.9 percent love to visit the beaches along with their loved ones.

On the other hand, 62 percent of people love to travel to beaches along with their friends and families. 

Although this report only focuses on the statistics determined by the United States of America’s beaches, while on a global level, it would be more than the usual expectations.

It doesn’t take much to plan a trip to the world’s best beaches if you are travelling with your friends and families. 

Here are some of the best tips which can help you to plan a perfect beach vacation on a budget:

  1.   Fix your budget and plan accordingly –

While planning a trip to a beach destination, what’s important is to think strategically based on your budget. 

If you are travelling on a fixed and tight budget, then it will be difficult for you to choose the exotic places. Therefore, make sure that you keep your budget flexible and add some miscellaneous funds when you are travelling across countries.

You need to look at the affordable ways to travel, find cheap hotels, and all the possible options which can help you to decrease your overall budget significantly. 

You can also do overtime in your workplaces so that you can earn some extra money that you can add to your budget plans.

  1.   Find and research about the best destinations to travel –

Once you have fixed your budget, the next important thing to consider is the location where you wish to travel.

When you are choosing some of the exotic and tropical beaches to travel across the world, you should read reviews before finalizing the place. 

Selecting a destination may not be a difficult task for you when you are consulting with experts who have already travelled and visited some excellent beaches across the globe. 

Accordingly, keep your budget in mind when choosing the destination so that you don’t run out of money when you are travelling.

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  1.   Plan strategically for all the activities that you want to do in the destination – 

When you are planning, it’s also important to consider what are the kind of activities that you want to perform in the destination. 

Generally, most of the people who love travelling will plan their trip based on the activities that they want to do in the place. 

For example, there would be people who love to party on the beaches; however, in most of the beaches, there are strict rules and regulations for partying.

Therefore, based on the activities that you want to perform, choose the destination wisely and try to read about the rules and regulations that have to be followed when you are on beaches. 

  1.   Staycation is essential when you are planning a trip to the beautiful beaches – 

If you consider yourself lucky, then you will surely find an affordable place near to the beach itself. However, when statistics are concerned, staycation near to the beaches are much expensive.

When you are travelling to beach destinations, remember to look for hotels where you can avail all the services at cheaper rates.

Accommodation and flight tickets consume most of the budget that you have planned. Therefore, if you want to stay somewhere close to the beach, you will have to increase your budget to a significant extent. 

Choose some of the best hotels by visiting several authorized websites, and compare the prices of the hotels to determine which is the best one to choose.

  1.   Enjoy the party but stick to the budget – 

Well, if you are travelling to some of the exotic beaches, and you are not partying, then there would be no fun and thrill to remember after the trip.

Party hard in the beaches that allow you to drink and dance; however, remember that you are travelling on a stringent budget.

You can buy alcohol if you love drinking, and carry it to the beaches rather than buying from the shacks or bars that are on the beaches.

The bar and shacks charge more when compared to the liquor shops that are opened all the time for you. You can buy your favourite drink and take it to the beaches to drink, party harder, and make the most of the trip.

Also, remember to clean up the mess that you are creating when partying once you are back to your senses. Don’t spoil the beauty of the beach as it will be difficult for you to visit the same beach next time.

  1.   Choose the beach that you wouldn’t have heard off- 

The best part of planning is to choose the beaches that you want to travel to. However, little that you know choosing the beaches that are not quite popular amongst the people give you a thrilling experience.

You can read about the beaches online and see the reviews whether it’s safe for you to travel to such a place alone or along with your loved ones.

You can then plan your trip to the beaches that you have selected. By doing this, you will make your dream come true as well as save a lot of money. 

All these beaches that are not much famous across the globe don’t charge much money when it comes to accommodation or booking flight tickets to the place.

  1.   Avoid the peck and on-season times –

Beaches are known to be expensive to travel during the peak seasons or on-seasons. 

Most of the things on the beach are charged with a much higher rate during the on-seasons.

Apart from this, you will hardly find a place to rest or sit properly as most of the beaches during the on-seasons is crowded to a significant extent.

You can plan your trip somewhere between June to October as you will find fewer people visiting the beaches. 

For those countries that experience rains during the off-season are considered to be the best time to travel if your budget is low comparatively.

The airfares, hotel rates, and all the other things are much cheaper in the off-season as compared to the on-season. 

Final Words

What’s essential for you is the experience and the time that you are taking off your hectic schedule is properly utilized.

If you fail to get the best experience of the trip thinking of the budget, then it will not be worth investing whatever money you have. 

Therefore, the above-listed tips and hacks will help you in choosing the best and exotic beach locations across the globe and plan accordingly.


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