RECIPE: dark chocolate dipped strawberry yogurt lollies

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homemade strawberry yogurt lolly recipe

‘What snacks have we got?’ says a muffled voice from the kitchen.

It’s Belle, her head in the fridge.

If you have teenagers you might recognise the kitchen snack cry. They seem to have bottomless stomachs requiring constant filling. Although I provide her with an array of wholesome and varied meals, (honestly I do), Belle seems to constantly have a snack on the go. She’s often to be found in the kitchen creating elaborate platters of treats – cucumber, carrot batons, crisps and dips, fruit and yogurt and big bowls of noodles. One of her favourite things, if she’s feeling particularly decadent, is strawberries covered in melted dark chocolate.

Strawberries are her favourite fruit and normally I spend so much money keeping her in berries that this summer we’ve grown our own. It’s perfect for Belle because she’s quite fussy about freshness and texture, and being able to pick just a handful straight from the plant when she wants them is ideal. Next year I’m considering a small strawberry farm.

grow your own strawberries

Belle’s penchant for chocolate strawberries is the inspiration behind this recipe for chocolate dipped strawberry yogurt lollies, which as well as being tasty make a great summer holiday activity for kids. A recent survey conducted by Belling shows that the kitchen really is the heart of the home, so cooking together as a family is always a winner. These yogurt lollies are a brilliant alternative to shop bought ice creams nutritionally too – they contain real fruit, are a great source of calcium and, if you use a good quality dark chocolate, provide you with a good iron hit too.

Coming up with snack ideas for Belle that aren’t loaded with salt and sugar is a never ending battle, but with these lollies I seem to have hit on a winner.

homemade yogurt lollies

My chocolate dipped strawberry yogurt lollies are one of six holiday activities for kids that are being created by family bloggers as part of the ‘Belling Summer Holiday Club’ – six simple, fun activities that kids and parents can enjoy in the kitchen over the summer holidays. British cooking appliance brand Belling has been helping families create tasty, nutritious meals since 1912 and these homemade lollies fit perfectly with Belling’s love of cooking together as a family.

Homemade strawberry yogurt chocolate dipped lollies – ingredients

These ingredients are to make ten strawberry yogurt lollies using these silicon lolly moulds, which I bought on Amazon.

You will need:

  • 250g strawberries
  • 2 x 500g pots of yogurt
  • 150g good quality dark chocolate

You can be pretty flexible with the fruit and the yogurt you use for this recipe. Yogurt wise, if you’re going for natural yogurt then you might want to add a swirl of honey or jam for sweetness. I made half of my lollies using Greek yogurt with honey, and half with a natural yogurt that had a layer of strawberry puree on the bottom, so both already had some sweetness.

Raspberries or bananas would both work well as a strawberry alternative, but you can experiment with different fruit and yogurt pairings. A coconut yogurt with pureed pineapple might be fun for a pina colada inspired lolly?

homemade strawberry lollies

As well as the lolly moulds, you will also need wooden lolly sticks, a baking sheet, grease-proof paper, and then either a tub or freezer bags to store your lollies once they’ve been dipped in chocolate and refrozen.

How to make chocolate dipped strawberry yogurt lollies

Start by roughly mashing your strawberries. You don’t want them mashed to a pulp as it’s fun to have some of the texture showing in the finished lollies.

Once you’re done mashing, stir them gently into your yogurt.

recipe homemade strawberry yogurt lollies

how to make strawberry yogurt lollies

Fill the lolly mould with your yogurt mixture using a spoon. (This is easier than it feels like it’s going to be.) Give the mould a few good taps on the worktop as you go to get rid of air bubbles. Cover the lollies with the lolly mould lid and add the sticks, leaving enough to hold onto. I used a book to get the sticks at equal heights, if you’re fussy about it.

Pop the lollies into the freezer to set. They will need AT LEAST two hours, but ideally overnight, as they need to be solid enough to withstand being dipped in warm, melted chocolate.

Once your lollies are completely frozen, you can move on to the dipping. Prepare a large baking sheet by covering it in grease-proof paper. Your freshly dipped lollies will go on this to go back into the freezer, so make sure it fits in yours!

Break your chocolate into chunks in bowl, and gently heat it on the hob, over a pan of simmering water, stirring regularly until the chocolate is completely melted and smooth.

Carefully remove/wrestle your lollies from the moulds, one at a time, and dip them in the chocolate. Be aware that the chocolate will set quite quickly when it touches the lollies – you won’t get a super thin layer of chocolate like on a shop bought lolly, but just embrace the chunkiness. Think of the iron!

Put your dipped lollies onto the lined baking sheet and then back in the freezer, just to set the chocolate properly. This won’t take long at all.

Finally, eat your lollies! This is the best bit obviously.

homemade chocolate dipped lollies

If you aren’t eating them all at once, (Belle ate three on the day we made them), then decant from the tray into a large tub or freezer bag to protect your lollies from freezer smells and fish finger crumbs.

If you’ve enjoyed my strawberry yogurt lolly recipe then do check out the other activity ideas that are part of the Belling Summer Holiday Club. Belling is all about making every day family life easier, and has been dedicated to quality, choice, reliability and service for over 100 years, so you know their summer holiday activity ideas are going to be top notch too – they worked with me after all didn’t they?

Keep up with Belling on Facebook and Twitter or read more to find out why inside every great home is an appliance from Belling.

homemade lolly with yogurt recipe


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    Loving all your recipe content recently! I’ve got to try these! I’m currently 37 weeks pregnant and not enjoying the heat at all so my go-to is ice-cream. Think my little girl (2) will like them too!

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