Gingerline presents Chambers – an immersive dining experience

An ‘immersive dining experience’ sounds almost dangerous doesn’t it? Don’t worry though, if you visit Chambers_ you won’t get your face held down in a bowl of soup or anything, it’s much more fun than that. In fact, it’s not just immersive, it’s MULTI-DIMENSIONAL.


Chambers_ immersive dining review

First up though, two questions.

  • Do you like food?
  • Do you like mysteries?

If you answered YES to both of those, and did a little twitch or smile or something similar at the thought of what the mystery might entail, then Chambers_ is definitely something you would enjoy.

Chambers_ immersive dining review

Belle and I visited Chambers_ last weekend and this SHOULD be the point at which I tell you all about our two hour long culinary adventure through five dining dimensions. You want to see pictures of us tucking into a tantalising feast right? Or hear about what we ate and the challenges we faced in each daring and delicious dimension?

Well tough.

That’s the mystery part you see – no one knows what’s going to happen, what their tastebuds are going to be tickled with, or even where the adventure will take place. (The pictures I’ve included are all especially sanctioned, just to give you a flavour of what to expect. The set is current, the food is from previous adventures.)

Chambers_ dining review

Chambers_ dining experience

It’s only just before you’re due to attend that you’ll receive a text message… “Arrive at Hoxton Overground, exit the station and take a…” I CAN’T EVEN TELL YOU THAT BIT!

What I CAN tell you is that you will have a fantastic time, eat amazing food in combinations you might never have tried before, and be taken on a journey that feels like it might actually be out of this world. Each dimension is themed, with a storyline and food to match. It will be unlike any five course meal you’ve ever eaten and you’ll want to start at the beginning again as soon as you’ve finished.

Chambers_ dining experience

Chambers_ dining review

Although Chambers_ is primarily aimed at adults, (they do a mean cocktail menu), they also do family matinees. On our visit there was a real mix of ages, from one child as young as five up to Belle, who is 16, and everyone loved it. What I find particularly interesting is that although Belle is normally a fussy eater, as part of Chambers_ she was happy to eat things before she even knew what they were, and normally ended up loving them, even when they were unusual combinations.

We’ve actually been twice now – we visited the third adventure last year, as well as this new 4th season – and both times we’ve been blown away by the food, the sets and the overall experience.

We’d absolutely recommend Chambers_ for food lovers with a sense of adventure.

Book your tickets for the 4th Chambers_ adventure now.

Chambers_ dining experience

We were gifted two tickets to the Chambers_ immersive dining experience for the purposes of this review. Food images – Emma Nathan. Other images – Rob Greig.



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