10 Disney Tips for Families With Kids


Disney tips for families

If your family is wondering where to spend the holiday, then Walt Disney World is the place to be. The young kids are well catered for and it’s great fun for grown-ups too. Orlando is a brilliant base for a holiday too, with plenty going on besides Walk Disney World, so whether you choose to stay on site or opt for one of the cool Florida vacation homes nearby as a base for exploring other parks and attractions in the area, you’re guaranteed to great family holiday. 

To enjoy the trip, you need to have adequate preparation. Here are the 10 Disney tips for families with kids:

1) Move Small Kids Around With Ease

Remember that when you visit Disneyland, the kids will often demand to be carried more than they normally would. Some get overwhelmed by the excitement and fun. This makes them tire easily. If you have two small kids, you need a double stroller, as it will be useful when taking kids to Disney.

2) Avoid Busy Times

Consider taking your kids out of their school to visit Disneyland. This is because the time is less busy since there are a lesser crowd and lower prices.

3) Buy Your Kids Disney Movies

You need to do park research and let your children watch Disney movies to get them excited for what they are about to see and experience. They will get familiar with what they expect to see in the Disney world. This will help them to appreciate what they see.

4) Factor In the Height

Before you decide on visiting, factor in the height of your kids. Some believe that a child below five years should not visit Disneyland. What matters is the height. Recommended minimum height is 44.

5) Use Backpack for Sweaters

Since the weather keeps on changing, in the morning the weather could be cool and hot in the afternoon. You can use the backpack to carry the sweaters and the jacket when the weather is hot. In the evening, you will need the sweaters again. To get easy to carry and smell proof backpack, check IBC7 Outdoors.

6) Wear Mickey Mouse Ear Tab

The will enjoy watching as you keep a track on them amidst the huge crowd. There are many varieties of Mickey Mouse ear tab. You can choose a different style for your kids. You can easily scan through the crowd and spot.

7) ID Younger Kids

If the child is younger or has limited verbal skills, you need to put a basic ID tag. The basic id tag has the child’s name and your mobile number. In case the child gets lost, someone can use the number to reach you.

8) Warm Up To Character

Kids enjoy meeting some of their favorite characters. They might have very high expectations but get a sad reality. It is advisable that before taking your kids to greet their favorite characters, point out the character from a far distance.

9) Kids React Differently

Put in mind that kids have a different reaction. The way your kids reacted the last time you visited Disneyland may be very different from how they react now. Different kids are not excited by the same thing

10) Stay At Disney Resort

You can stay onsite at Disney resort since you will get an extra one hour inside the park. You can also stay nearby to save on the cost of traveling every day. You can also have passed off a multi-day park hopper.


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