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dating tips for older people

One thing that is definitely new on the dating scene (at least, to you) is the sheer number of dating websites that you can try your luck on. In fact, there are so many to choose from that people are looking for guided opinions, so you get pages like the Seniors Meet Review site which are geared towards helping you pick one. Today we got some of their most successful tips and made them into this little guide for you!

Figure out the kind of site you want

With several hundred dating sites and apps available, it can be daunting to choose a platform for your quest, so try narrowing it down a little. You can search for those that are geared towards specific age brackets (e.g. people in their fifties). You can seek out a website that is tailored to retired citizens.

Many online dating apps are now becoming increasingly specified for a given “niche”. For example, they can be specialized for users who have certain hobbies, education levels, who belong to a particular religion, people in a specific career field, or people of a specific sexuality (or even for folks who find themselves on the LBTQ+ spectrum). Some are also based on lifestyle, with apps geared towards gardeners, farmers, hunters, urban seniors, and so on, or aimed at people who foster a certain set of values in life.

Tailor your profile to your purpose

After you have figured out one or several online dating services which you would like to try out, it will be time to make the actual profile. This might seem a little tricky – after all, there are so many factors to consider. Check out this handy guide for some tried and tested tips on how to create an awesome online dating profile.

When putting together the information that you are going to include in your virtual short biography, consider some of the following pointers. Ask one or two trusted and reliable friends to tell you what they find fascinating about you. It would be great if these friends are of the same gender that you are interested in, to improve validity.

dating tips for older people

Take some time to assess your personality. You can even take some online quizzes for this bit – see what your communication style is, what your strengths are, what animal you are most like. You might be surprised with what you discover!

Filter the things that you are truly passionate about and seek people who share in that fire. It would probably be helpful to sit down and make a list of characteristics you are looking for in a partner, whether long-term or just for a fling. Try including a good balance of social, intellectual, and physical desirable traits. Another useful approach is to imagine what your ideal partner would enjoy, and then start your search form there.

Avoid cliché statements

Remember, you want your profile to attract the attention of “your type” of people, and it has to keep their attention long enough for you to actually arrange a date in real life. To that end, you should shape your online dating identity around the things that make you – you. Center it on your own values, your personal goals in life. If you are feeling a little stuck about how to figure out what those are (because they do change with time), you might find some useful advice at this page:

When putting together your biography or “about me” section, there are some words and phrases that you really should avoid like the plague. Using these tired and trite items will make you look boring, uninspiring, insecure, and outright fake. Some of the most common dating site clichés are:

“I am down to earth.” Well obviously, at your age. If you were not, you would have a problem.

“I love to laugh.” All healthy humans do. Things like “walks on the beach” and “fine dining” also sound like cheap placeholders, so steer clear.

“I love travelling.” Even if you really do, this is just too generic and gets a bad reputation. Try something specific to you, like “I enjoy backpacking”.


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