5 Beauty tips and tricks to try in 2019


There are always new beauty tricks that come out every year, and 2019 has had trends surface which people in the beauty industry are now learning and using to their advantage. The beauty industry is large, and stylists are constantly coming up with new trends every day. No one wants bland makeup, every lady wants their makeup on point at all times. You can check AllAboutTheGloss.com and the following are a few tips you can consider adding to your beauty regimen;

Wiggle your mascara wand

This is one trick that will help you apply your mascara in a smart way and leave your eyelashes popping. Most people apply their mascara by brushing the wand over the lashes. This application method may leave the lushes clumped with product but wiggling your mascara wand will help give you more defined lashes and will also make it easy for you to apply it. You want to wiggle the wand repeatedly until you are satisfied with your lashes.

Always use your eye cream

Some people don’t fancy eye creams but it will go a long way to help keep your skin smooth. You want to use the cream around your eyes, between your eyebrows, your nose bridge and around your mouth. These areas are prone to wrinkling but applying your eye cream will help protect them. This is also a nice beauty hack for anyone who has been smoking for some years.

Wing your cat eye upward

Most people go through a hard time trying to wing their cat eye right. The best thing to do is to wing it upward and not outward. Drawing the cat eye outward will leave your eye looking droopy and will not give the cat eye impression it is meant to give. You can use the upward direction of your lower lash to help do it right. Also, use cello tape to help create a neat line.

Brush your eyebrows up

One trick to make your eyebrows look more natural and full is by brushing them upwards. When you draw them, you can use a small brush to brush them lightly then fill them up. This gives them a more natural appearance as compared to when done without brushing. Also, another trick is to use some gloss to make them shinier.

Use caffeine on your makeup sponge

This may sound absurd to many people but using caffeine in your makeup sponge is a trend that most people have been using in 2019 and you don’t want to be left behind. The caffeine will do wonders to your skin and give you an all-natural kind of look. You don’t want to use a lot of it, just sprinkle a little to dampen your beauty blender and you are good to go.

The above trends are just a few of the many tips there are in 2019 and if you want to stay on top of your makeup game, then you may want to constantly be on the lookout for any new trends.


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