8 ways to make your home more child-friendly


Creating a home environment that satisfies the needs of your child is no easy feat.

But don’t fear – here are 10 terrific tips to help you make your living space child-friendly and super-cool.

  1. Creative storage

Over time, kids can accumulate a whole load of toys. So if you’re struggling for space, invest in some fun, multi-functional storage that’s pleasing to the eye and keeps your child’s treasures nicely out of sight. For inspiration, take trip to child furniture store like Ikea.

  1. Incorporate their masterpieces

There’s no creature quite as creative as a child, so encourage their expressive side by displaying their wonderful works of art throughout your home. They’ll love this showcase of their works, and with so many imaginative display options out there, you can frame them so they suit your interior décor.

  1. Home miniatures

If you want your child to fully embrace their home, give them their own miniature version – buy them a kitchen play set and let their imagination run riot as they concoct their own make-believe culinary delights. But be warned – they’ll be desperate to help in the real kitchen in no time!

  1. Build a den

Children love hiding away – so grab some sheets, clothes pegs and a couple of chairs, and create a den where your child can have their own creative play space. They’ll love having an adult-free zone that’s theirs alone. To help motivate you, take a look at this wikiHow guide to building a den.

  1. Create a chillout zone

A great play area should be balanced out by a chillout zone where your child can read or relax. So find an unused nook or corner and kit it out with a small bookshelf, a couple of beanbags and some blankets – it’s the perfect place for slumber parties.

  1. Involve them in décor decisions

Let your child contribute to decoration decisions and start by giving them a say in how their bedroom looks –it’s their space, so it should reflect their personality. But remember, children like silliness, so you should embrace this by letting them pick out some wacky stuff that will amuse not only them, but also your guests too.

  1. Encourage outdoor play

Spring is upon us, so now’s the perfect time for your child to get outside and play. Items such as a swing or sandpit are great additions to a garden that will keep them entertained for hours on end.

  1. Get a doormat

Unleashing children’s wild side outdoors means opening your home a whole load of dirt – so arm your house with a doormat. For a range of high-quality options, check out mat specialist Kleen-Tex.

Follow these tips, sit back and watch with delight as your child has the ultimate fun experience at home.

What are your tips for making your home child-friendly? Share in the comments section.


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