3 Tips to Cooking the Perfect Egg


how to make poached eggs

Eggs are a versatile and popular breakfast around the world. An egg breakfast is quick and easy to prepare and you will get a protein-packed start just before the morning rush. Eggs are warm and nutritious and that’s the reason they are referred to as nature’s multivitamin.

Even though cooking an egg looks like a simple task, the wrong combination of oil, heat, and technique can result in a very unappetizing mess. If you’re always impressed by the perfect eggs prepared in restaurants but find your homemade egg recipes a burnt edge disaster, these 3 tips will help you cook the perfect egg.

  1. Get the Best Frying Pan for Eggs

One of the best ways to prepare the perfect egg is by using the right frying pan. There are many frying pans in the market today but it is important to buy a specific pan that is used for cooking eggs. Pans for frying eggs are typically smaller thus they heat up faster. These pans are also lighter making it easier for you to flip the eggs. A heavy pan can be difficult to carry and you might end up straining your arm while attempting to flip your egg.

Remember, eggs cook very fast and if your pan gets hotter on one side, your eggs will not cook properly and you will end up with an egg that is undercooked on one side and burnt on the other side. Secondly, a pan with individual slots for eggs is the best for a beginner since it will make the cooking process much easier.

  1. Use the Right Amount Of Heat and Oil

In order to cook the perfect egg, you will need the right combination of oil and heat. If you put too much oil on the pan, your egg will spread out over the pan. Ideally; one teaspoon of oil is enough for one egg.

Avoid pouring your egg into cold oil. Set your pan and oil on medium heat. While your pan is heating, crack your eggs individually into separate bowls. For the perfect sunny side up egg dishes, turn down the heat to ensure that the egg yolk cooks properly. Let it cook for about 5 minutes before sliding it on your plate using a spatula.

  1. Do Not Cook Right Out Of the Fridge

Many people prefer to refrigerate their eggs to keep them fresher for longer. However, one of the most common mistakes people make when cooking eggs is attempting to fry straight from the refrigerator.

Eggs should always be cooked when they are at room temperature, therefore, ensure that you remove them at least three hours before cooking them.  If you intend to use leftover raw egg whites that you had refrigerated earlier, cover them with cold water to prevent them from drying. Drain the water before cooking.

Remember to always cook fresh eggs to avoid contamination. Check the expiry date on the egg carton and if you notice that the yolk is runny when you crack the egg, it could be an indication that the membrane has weakened and that egg is no longer fresh or nutritious.


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