How switching to vape could be beneficial to the whole family?


benefits of vaping

As the rise of vaping and e-cigarettes begins to permeate the smoking industry, more and more people are beginning to analyse the health benefits behind vaping, compared to your standard chemically fuelled cigarettes. According to figures from the BBC, passive smoking accounts for around 600,000 deaths each year, which is a staggering figure when we take into account that smoking is something we should only take part in by choice. Switching to a vape can have multiple benefits for your family, whether it’s saving costs in the home or simply reducing your children’s exposure to harmful chemicals, this guide will give you just a little bit of guidance on how making the switch could benefit you.

Reduce your children’s exposure to harmful chemicals

We all know by now that cigarettes are filled with extremely harmful chemicals that cause many health issues not just for the smoker, but for the people in the smoker’s presence. The smoking ban has created a lot of leeway in public establishments for reducing second-hand smoking, but what about in private, in our homes? Switching from a cigarette to a vape will eliminate the possibility of your children being exposed to the harmful chemicals that you inhale through smoking. Although vapes are renowned for their large clouds, it’s better to be in a mist of vapour rather than carcinogen infused cigarette smoke.

Reduction of Passive Smoking

As we mentioned above, 600,000 deaths are caused each year, either directly or indirectly as a result of passive smoking. But what are the real effects at bay when we refer to passive smoking? If your child grows up in a household where they’re exposed to passive smoking, they are more likely to experience pulmonary health issues later in life and their chances of experiencing asthma or lung infections are heightened dramatically. Switching to a vape reduces the chance of your children being exposed to passive smoking and significantly improves their health benefits over time.

Vapes are more cost-effective

Aside from the health benefits associated with vaping, there are also a lot of financial benefits that will come with switching to a vape, supplied by a specialist company  such as Pure E-Liquids. Although the initial expense of purchasing a vape and the relevant components and liquids may seem unreasonable, the costs you will save in the long term will be impossible to ignore. With a packet of 20 cigarettes now sitting at around £8 at the very least, this sets you back a significant amount of money across the year (as you may already know all too well!). Vaping allows you to put that money to good use elsewhere, either towards savings, a holiday, or some simple family enjoyment.

Whatever side of the camp you sit on, there’s no denying that vaping will have multiple benefits for the health and financial situation of your family. Whether it’s reducing your children’s exposure to harmful chemicals associated with passive smoking, reducing the smell of smoke and nasty odours around the home, or simply saving you a fortune each week, vaping is unarguably a great alternative to cigarettes. 

benefits of vaping


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