Simple Home Improvements to Increase Value

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When someone suggests home improvements for boosting the worth of your property, most often the first thing you will ask is ‘but what about the cost?’

The money you will have to find for extensions, interior design makeovers, as well as the cost of hiring people to carry out the work. That’s even before you start to wrestle with the headaches that can come with planning permission. Although you’re likely to see the benefit of improvements in the speed of sale and hopefully the price achieved, it is far from certain.

So without taking these financial risks or having to study the finer points of the art of D.I.Y. what are some simple yet effective ways to up the value of your property?

Enhance first impressions of the house

It is true in life that first impressions can be the most important, and this is no different when it comes to potential buyers. Studies have revealed that a massive 40% of buyers make up their minds on this impression alone, so attention to detail must be taken into account for that first kerbside view. Here are a few examples of what to think about;

  • Ensure doors and window frames are repainted and repaired.
  • Keep your porch in good nick, or look into adding one if you can.
  • The condition the house numbers are in, perhaps adding a sign or name.
  • Minor repairs to the facade of the house like filling the cracks in brick work or cladding.
  • Adding paving or sprucing up existing paving.
  • Flowers and a little subtle decoration go a long way.
  • But above all, keep it clean and tidy.
  • Make sure carpets or laminate flooring in the hallway are in excellent condition.

Give the Gardens a Spruce Up

A good looking garden can do wonders for the value of a property and should be viewed as another room in the house. There are simple ways to enhance it cost effectively beyond the basics of keeping it all in bloom and trimmed up.

  • Privacy is a must, so ensure fencing is up to scratch. Wooden screening is cheap and easy to install, so you won’t need tall trees. Boundaries can reach 2 metres high usually without the need for planning permission.
  • Add stylish furnishings to show off its functionality.
  • Built in BBQ’s or fire pits are another way to add to the appeal as they also show off the gardens function.
  • Variety in flora, as well as well thought out design for visual appeal.
  • Add eco-friendly composite cladding for a stylish wall in your garden.

Fix All Superficial Defects

Check around the house for any minor defects that you could put straight, usually these won’t take too much effort and can be managed cheaply and easily. Look for defects such as issues with paintwork you can simply redo. Dripping taps, squeaky doors and flooring are other things that can be easily managed but make a huge difference in the impression of values. The little everyday imperfections that mean home for you could spell devaluation in the long run and are best ironed out.

Maximising Space

Using the space that you do have to better effect is important in interior design and can often do wonders for adding more storage options, something of big value to any prospective buyer. One way to maximise space is to look into better storage solutions for already existing spaces, for example adding shelving units or racks into cupboards. Using spare wall space for adding more wall mounted storage, as well as converting dead space such as under the stairs or in concealed nooks and crannies are just some of the simple ways to do this.

Following these simple pointers, will improve the value of your property to those who are looking to potentially buy it, giving it an edge in the market. If youre not looking to invest in home improvements, let alone the potential disasters that come with them, then you can always use a ‘we buy any house’ company. Such companies will buy your home in days and bypass all the stress that comes with it.


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