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We’ve been in our new house for about seven weeks now. It feels like WAY longer, which I’m taking as a good sign because that must mean it feels like home right?

One of the things that I’ve been meaning to do since we moved in is to put up a picture on the plain white chimney breast wall in our living room. We had a family photo shoot done before we moved with Life is Crawsome, so I had been thinking that one of those photos would be nice. But then I was a bit nervous about having a giant ME smiling down while I watched TV, so I decided a mirror might be a better option.

It was brilliant timing actually, as Exclusive Mirrors had been a touch previously asking if I fancied taking a look at one of their mirrors, so I said ‘yes please thank you very much’ and picked the Claremont round gold mirror.

‘This Claremont round gold mirror is oh so stylish with its uniquely designed frame,’ the website told me. ‘The stunning mirror is finished in a luxurious gold and comes complete with wow factor frame. Perfectly suited to either a contemporary or traditional setting the mirror is extremely versatile.  Customers have the option with this Claremont round gold mirror to feature it either on its own or alongside other stylish furniture and accessories to create a fabulous appearance.’

Luckily the quality of the mirror is not reflected by the quality of the description writing.

(See what I did there? REFLECTED? I’m so good at this.)

Here it is, with me in it obviously:

review mirror exclusive mirrors

Isn’t it beautiful?

It’s just over a metre in diameter and so fills the chimney breast perfectly. I loved the fact that it looked like a huge flower. I painted the wall this lovely turquoise colour especially to really make it stand out and I love how the colour comes through each of the petals.

review mirror exclusive mirrors

I had been worried because of the size that it would be very heavy and so difficult to hang, but although it LOOKS it, it actually isn’t heavy at all. I’m guessing it’s made of some kind of woodchip/papier mache type material? The website doesn’t say exactly, but regardless, it’s light, which makes hanging it much easier.

It does suggest it’s a two person job to hang it, but I managed perfectly well by myself. I found it simplest to measure the distance between the two hooks on the mirror, and then measure these onto the wall, using a spirit measure to check they were in a straight line and measuring in from each side of the chimney breast to centralise it.

review mirror exclusive mirrors

review mirror exclusive mirrors

What I really love about it is that the mirror in the middle feels like a little portal into another world – depending on where I stand, I keep catching little round reflections of different parts of the room, and there is something really lovely about that, about seeing my favourite shelf full of books framed by all these big, gold petals. It feels other worldly.

It definitely feels like it has finished the room. Now I just need the ‘other stylish furniture and accessories to create a fabulous appearance’…

review mirror exclusive mirrors

We were sent this mirror from Exclusive Mirrors for the purposes of this review. All opinions my own.



  1. 20 August, 2017 / 5:06 pm

    That’s awesome. I see what you mean about the whole “portal” thing.

  2. 22 August, 2017 / 4:29 pm

    Personally, I would love having one of these. I’ve always had a thing for mandala-like elements and interior design / interior decorations. Would you mind if I reshare this to my Home & Love community at ? Currently a bit over 300K people there. :)

    ps. Loving the wall paint colour as well! For what I can see in the reflection, that’s the only wall painted like that, right?


    • Jo Middleton
      23 August, 2017 / 6:04 pm

      Share away! Yep, the rest of the room is a pale yellow and I just painted the chimney breast wall.

  3. 4 September, 2017 / 1:01 pm

    Wonderful! I like it. I also have a mirror in frame at home and I am very glad.

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