Review: The Bundle Bed + 10% discount code

Belle has been invited to a sleepover this weekend. She’s pretty excited about it. I’m excited too as it happens to be the night that Fiancé and I have tickets to see Reef at Glastonbury Town Hall, so that all fits together very nicely thank you very much.

Last night she gave me her friend’s mum’s phone number so I could text and check the details.

‘Hello!’ I text. ‘It’s Belle’s mum here! What time would you like me to drop Belle off? Does she need to bring anything? We have a roll out bed if that would be useful?’

Damn, I felt like such a grown up. I’ve never been in the position to offer a roll out bed before and I felt super fancy.

The bed in question is a Bundle Bed and we have had it for a few months now. It has been very useful, and we’ve used it quite a few times already for sleepovers and camping trips. It’s basically a whole bed that you can pop away into a handy roll. They do some really lovely colour combinations – we have this one:

Bundle Bed review

They come is child and adult sizes and each bundle includes a self-inflating mattress, a 15-tog duvet, a pillow and soft 100% jersey cotton fitted sheet, duvet cover and pillow case. The duvet and pillow are hydrophobic, to help prevent you getting damp at night, and all of the bedding can be removed and popped in the wash. The outer layer is water resistant and easy to wipe clean.

Basically it’s the ultimate in camp beds – as luxurious a sleepover as you can get without checking into a hotel.

Bundle Bed review

We go on quite a lot of camping holidays and festivals and I can see the Bundle Bed being really useful for this, as a space saver as much as a comfort thing. I’ve been to festivals before where we’ve inflated our air beds on the car attachment and then had to carry an inflated air bed, sleeping bag, pillow and blanket from the car to the campsite for each person. The Bundle Bed would totally solve this issue. We’d just have one each over our shoulders. Job Done.

Belle really loves it and seems to take a sweet sort of pride in it. She likes to carry it when we take it out, and get it set up carefully as soon as she arrives somewhere, ready for bedtime. Here’s a little video to prove how easy it is.

If you have a lot of sleepovers, camping trips, or friends and family coming to stay, I’d definitely recommend investing in a Bundle Bed or two.

You can now get a cool 10% off kids Bundle Beds with the code SlummyMummy10. They’d make a fantastic Christmas present! (Valid until 1 Jan 2018.)

We were sent the Bundle Bed for the purposes of this review but all opinions are my own.


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  1. 9 January, 2017 / 2:03 am

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