5 fabulous Christmas pyjamas for women

Coming up to Christmas, one of the things I love most about the season is snuggling up in some amazing pjs with a cheesy Christmas film or an episode of Death in Paradise, some nice biscuits Belle has baked earlier that day and of course, a cup of tea. Total Christmassy bliss.

Recently however I realised that while a lot of pyjamas may be cosy and nice enough, it’s really hard to come by those pairs that really make you feel special and look amazing too. I thought this might be a gap in the market, and as your pyjama choices during this season of ‘lying around on the sofa a bit more than usual’ are very important, (first world problems), then I have put together this list to give you a bit of Christmas pyjama inspiration and show you some of what I, basically a pyjama connoisseur, think makes for some spectacular nightwear.

(Or at least a bit better than the big purple fleece nightie with a bunny on it I wore for about 10 years.)

Desmond & Dempsey – basically everything from this range

I love this range because as soon as you look at it it OOZES class. (Like me.) Even people like me who are hopeless at knowing if things are supposed to be expensive or not can just tell that these are good quality. I picked out this shirt especially because the style is unlike everything I’ve ever seen before and is cute as well as cool, so right up my street, as I am both obviously. All of the patterns are really nice too.

Christmas pyjamas for women

River Island – floral print

What I love about these is not only the silkiness and the beautiful pattern but also as a stylish pyjama I feel they would be easy to pull off. The difficulty with pretty pjs is sometimes they just aren’t practical and cosy, so I wear them once or twice and then succumb to a night in the bunny fleece thing again. These look pretty low maintenance though. They’re just shorts and a shirt with an elastic waistband and everything, but still look sophisticated and fancy. Effortless glamour, with all the comfy room for extra biscuits. 

Christmas pyjamas for women

Bonsoir of London brushed cotton pyjamas

Okay, so those River Island ones may be pretty, but what I really want is cosy. I want pyjamas that I can pop on as soon as I get home from work, along with my fleecy slippers, and feel warm and sung and lovely. The brushed cotton pyjamas from Bonsoir of London ARE THESE PYJAMAS. This is the pair I actually own at the moment, and I absolutely love them. I wear them every day. Sometimes outside the house. You know, just to the station, or school. Nowhere important.

*whistles casually*

Bonsoir of London pyjamas

You see how I slipped this picture in here between the models? You can barely tell can you?!

Caroline Randell – nightdress

If you can even call this a DRESS. I included this simply because when I was looking for pyjamas and came across this site I was blown away by this particular saucy number. Who are the people that wear things like this?! (Apart from me, obviously.) It’s less lingerie and more a work of art. It doesn’t really get more seductive or completely cold and impractical than this does it? #unrealisticnightdressgoals

Christmas pyjamas for women

ASOS – Unicorns

Coming back down to earth then, these are probably something I would actually buy, thinking they were cool. And much more in my price range too. They may not be sexy, but they look super comfy and instead of the standard boring spots on pyjamas, you get unicorns as well. (Unicorns are real you know.)

Christmas pyjamas for women

I was sent some pyjamas from Bonsoir of London to review. All opinions are my own. 


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