Christmas gifts for men – discount code for custom fitted t-shirts from Son of a Tailor

These t-shirts from Son of a Tailor are genius.

If you’ve been wondering what to get for Christmas for your husband, dad, brother, awkward nephew, then your search is over. You’re welcome. (Plus read on and I have a discount code.)

Son of a Tailor make custom fitted t-shirts for men, totally bespoke, made to order, exactly as you want them. You simply buy a gift card, and it comes presented like this, making it an ace looking present.

Son of a Tailor discount code

Inside you get a tape measure and a gift card, with a code to create a free t-shirt. Free international shipping is included as standard. They have really gone the extra mile here to turn what could have just been an emailed discount code into something really special. (You don’t get the cotton reels – you’re not expected to make the t-shirt yourself – that’s just me being fancy with props.)

Son of a Tailor discount code

Once you’ve given the gift, the lucky chap gets to go on the Son of a Tailor site and create the t-shirt of his dreams. It’s dead simple, and I was very impressed at just how much you can customise – colours, neck line, pockets – you can even have initials added. Any changes you make appear as an image, so you can see for yourself what the finished product might look like.

Son of a Tailor discount code

Your man then has a few options.

He can choose to enter his measurements, (guidance provided), or use the ‘Ideal Size algorithm’, which cleverly estimates his measurements based on his height, weight, age and shoe size. Or, if he has a favourite t-shirt that he’d love to replicate, he can enter the measurements of that.

If you want to see a little bit more detail, have a watch of this short video. The emphasis, as you’ll see, is very much on quality. All the cotton used is organic and the fibres they use are >3cm (vs. normally 1 cm in t-shirts.) This means that the t-shirt looks good longer as the fibres pill less. Each t-shirt is signed on the hang-tag by the seamstress who has made it and customer support is headed by a designated tailor. You know then that if you call for advice, you’re going to get to speak to someone who knows what they are talking about.

Get 15% off your Son of a Tailor gift card

Okay, you’re convinced. I can tell. In fact, you kind of want to just get them for everyone don’t you? It would be so easy, plus they are basically wrapped already too…

To swing the decision for you, I’ve got a very special 15% off code for you. The gift cards are normally £42, which I think is a really good price for a piece of clothing that’s custom made, but with the code they’ll just be £35.90, which is very reasonable indeed for a great quality Christmas gift.

To claim your discount, shop for a gift card and use the code Slummy16. Off you go.

Son of a Tailor discount code

Sponsored post. All opinions my own.


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