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I’m always reading posts from other bloggers about all the stuff they’ve seen lately, or books they’ve read, and I always find them interesting. It’s kind of fun to see the sort of things other people get up to, and you get to be a bit nosy too. I thought perhaps you might like a post like that from me?

Tough luck if you don’t really.

So, what stuff have I liked lately? Well, this morning I have listened to this song by Blake Morgan about eight times already. It was one of the ‘Spotify recommends’ things and I’ve never heard it before, but I love it. I’m not very good at remembering songs, but this has stuck in my head already.

Music. Tick.

Television wise, fiancé is working away a lot in the week at the moment, so Belle and I tend to spend weekday evenings with our new Death in Paradise box set, because we are cool like that. My best bit about it is that it will open with a tragic death scene, and then jump straight to jazzy Caribbean intro music. (At which point we do a little sofa dance. I told you we were cool.)

TV. Done.

(I’m good at this aren’t I?)

I still have my Instagram door fetish, so that’s always worth a look.


18a is so jealous. It even has sad door eyebrows.

A photo posted by Jo Middleton ☕️🍭✈️🍉🚪🌷👗🌿 (@slummysinglemummy) on

Books then. I have a pile of about a million books by my bed at the moment, as it was my birthday about six weeks ago and I accidentally bought quite a lot of 1980s books about house plants from a National Trust secondhand bookshop the other week. Most recently though I’ve been reading a book about a woman tricked into a lunatic asylum in Victorian times, (for my book group), and these, (for fun).

hardy boys books

Food? Well, I’m having a go this week at the 16-8 diet. I’m not really into diets generally, but I need to do something to stop me becoming a complete heffalump, and the beauty of this is that you can essentially eat whatever you want, but only for eight hours a day. So yesterday for example, I didn’t eat anything until midday, then I ate normally, and then at 7.55pm, just before my cut off point, I ate about six chocolate digestives in a panic. I’ll keep you posted on that one.

And finally…

Pretty please can I have this sofa from Loaf? It’s pink, it’s velvet and it’s called a ‘pudding sofa’. All my best things! I promise I will be good, and wash all the dishes that are still at home (probably), and always eat all of my carrots.

pink pudding sofa velvet loaf



  1. Seanagh fionagh Maclean-Hughes
    3 April, 2021 / 8:02 am

    Hi what colour of pink is this at loaf

  2. donna r gallagher
    3 September, 2021 / 4:18 pm

    where do i buy this sofa?

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