The re-wire your wire challenge and the Ideal Beauty Bra from Playtex

Only a woman can understand the absolute pain in the arse that is having to wear an underwired bra every single day, always, forever, regardless of what you’re doing, the weather, your clothes – it’s a non-negotiable and it kind of sucks – but will the Ideal Beauty Bra from Playtex change this forever?

I shared a picture on Twitter this week which sums up my life over the last 25 years:

In desperation, on days when I don’t have to impress anyone, I do have a couple of those bras that you see advertised in the back of Sunday supplements – the sort that old ladies buy, that say they are as supportive as an underwire bra, but really aren’t. They’re damn comfy though, and if you’re particularly delusional, you can almost make yourself believe they’re a sports bra, and that at any moment you might decide to go for a jog.

It seems I’m not alone in my yearning for comfier breasts. According to research from Playtex, 9 out of 10 women would like to see a bra available on the high street with no wires, and a comfortable fit – a bra that didn’t give them the profile of a braless 87-year-old within ten minutes, as my Sunday supplement ‘bras’ tend to. (That last bit wasn’t in the actual survey, I’m just adding that for colour.)

So, to try to answer this problem, Playtex have come up with the Ideal Beauty bra. It’s a ‘completely wireless bra that gives women shape-enhancing support, whilst offering all day, light-as-a-feather comfort’. Sounds ace doesn’t it? I’m going to be trying one out, so go and follow me on Instagram or Facebook for pictures coming soon.*

Playtex Ideal Beauty bra #Playtexidealbeauty

This, unfortunately, is not my body.

Seriously though, if the Ideal Beauty bra does what it promises, I for one am going to be buying one in every colour, especially as they are only £25. The idea of never having to wear an underwired bra again is a pretty exciting one. Do go and have a look at the Ideal Beauty bra yourself though, and see what you think.

To celebrate what might be an end to underwiring forever, Playtex challenged me to find another use for my wire – jewellery making. I’m not a natural crafter, but Belle is pretty good at all of that sort of stuff, so I sat down this evening and we had a bash at making our own bracelets and rings out of wire and beads.

Playtex Ideal Beauty bra #Playtexidealbeauty

Aren’t we wholesome?

To make you feel better about your own life, what you can’t see is that behind me are a heap of dishes that I really cannot be bothered to wash up. Normally it’s Belle’s job, but she has had a migraine today, and I felt bad that I was making her do the crafting, and had made her make this Pinterest board already, when probably she should have been resting her eyes, so I figured I should probably let her go to bed and do them myself.

She seemed to quite enjoy it though, for about seven minutes at least. I made a bracelet, as you can see from my collage, and we each made a ring. I made mine with a few different lengths of wire, twisted around in a messy knot, while Belle went freestyle with hers. You can tell which is mine because my hands look OLD. (When did this happen? Probably about the same time I started sprouting grey eyebrow hair and enjoying Tipping Point.)

I’m pretty sure I actually had a ring like the one I made in about 1994, so probably I need to update my jewellery design skills, but you get the point – get a new bra and do something else with the wire instead!

Playtex Ideal Beauty bra #Playtexidealbeauty

Playtex Ideal Beauty bra #Playtexidealbeauty

*It’s highly unlikely that I will post a picture of myself in the Ideal Beauty bra. I just want you to follow me really. Perhaps, actually you’re more likely to follow me now that you’re reassured that there WON’T be pictures of me in my bra. 

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  1. 16 January, 2017 / 7:44 am

    You both have made some really pretty designs.Even I prefer using a bra that doesnot have underwire as comfort is really important for me.Would love to surely try Playtex.Thanks for sharing

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