Review – personalised wedding decorations from Hello Party!

They put that exclamation mark at the end of their name, not me – that’s just how much fun they are!

(I did that one.)

As you may remember, although I actually haven’t gone on about it as much as I thought I might, I got engaged this year, and so with really not long to go until the big day, I have been doing a bit of planning by designing some personalised wedding decorations through Hello Party!

(And when I say ‘a little bit of planning’, these wedding decorations literally all I have done. I work best nearer a deadline.)

It’s a pretty ace site, and you can make all sorts of personalised decorations, cards and banners, not just wedding related things, but I’m going to talk you through the wedding decorations.

First up, you choose a theme. Hello Party! very kindly came up with a new design, based on my favourite colours, so if you like ‘rustic watercolour’, you have me to thank.

personalised wedding posters

Then you are given a whole range of co-odinated products to customise with your own name and photos. You can choose a range of posters, with space for images and text, and your can create your own banner.

personalised wedding posters

There is also the option to add pictures of yourself, but we’re a bit shy for that sort of thing, so I added bunnies instead, because I’m adorable like that.

personalised wedding posters

Once you’re happy with you designs, you get to choose the finish and sizes. It might be for instance that you want one really huge picture as people come in, just to show off, and then some smaller ones for other things.

All of our designs arrived very carefully packaged, so there was no risk at all of anything being creased or damaged, which is always a worry when you order things like this online.

So here we go, wedding decorations sorted, now all we have to do is organise the venue, food, music, flowers, dress…

*falls over in faint*

We were sent some wedding decorations from Hello Party! for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.



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