Designing my dream home + up to 40% off new windows, doors and conservatories

I’ve never owned my own house. It’s probably a good thing if my attitude to car maintenance is anything to go by. (Think strategically placed satsuma, covering engine warning light.)

Sometimes though I do think about what I might do if I was lady of my own manor. Obviously the first thing I would do would be to install a secret door, disguised as a bookcase, but that’s a given. I’d have a spiral staircase too, and big floor to ceiling windows, looking out on one side over London and on the other over the French coast. (This is a fantasy remember.)I would also have a library, and a home cinema, decked out in a plush, purple velvet.

The reality of course would be that I’d be happy just to have matching crockery and a full set of working light bulbs, but a girl can dream.

One thing I would really love is a decent conservatory. We’ve been without our own garden now for a year and I really miss being able to throw open the doors to let the outside in. Windows are one thing, but being able to step out from your house into a garden, no matter how small, is something you don’t appreciate how much you will miss until you don’t have it any more.

Without a garden or back door, the light in a house changes too. I’d love to sit in a conservatory, casually sipping a gin and tonic perhaps, with the sun warming the air around me and the sounds and smells of the garden filling the room. I imagine my conservatory would be full of plants, creating my very own little tropical paradise.


Perhaps I would turn my conservatory into a bright and spacious office. Every half an hour or so I would take a well-earned break and have a little lie down in the garden amongst the roses.

Or how about a conservatory with a pool?? Can you even imagine? I’d have to learn how to swim first of course, or perhaps I could just get one of those floating sun loungers that has a built in space to hold your cocktail glass while you drift lazily around the pool? The warmth through those windows would just be divine.


Now for the really good news…

Get up to 40% off new windows, doors and conservatories at Majestic Designs!

To help you make all your home design dreams come true, I’ve managed to get you a fantastic deal with a local company – Majestic Designs. Based in Somerset, Majestic Designs are a very well-established and respected local firm. They offer an amazing range of doors, windows and conservatories, and have plenty of heritage colours and designs too.


They have a window and door showroom in Cheddar, so if you want to get some real life inspiration you can go and see their work in the flesh, so to speak.

So, if you’ve been inspired to give your home a makeover, all you have to do is quote the code SSMPROMO1 for up to 40% off everything.


What would be in your dream home?

Image credit – Majestic Designs.

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