An interview with Lucy Spraggan at Standon Calling festival

Before we went off on our road trip around Ireland, we headed over for the weekend to Standon Calling festival. It was a little different from the festivals we’ve been to before, and probably not the very best sort of festival to choose for families, but if you like having the odd pint or ten, dancing until (literally) dawn, and then stumbling back to the festival site around midday, it’s definitely worth checking out for next year.

The festival has grown over ten years from what was essentially a house party, and they’ve managed to maintain the ‘dude, what did we do last night?’ vibe at the same time as growing the event into something commercial. There was plenty of tasty food to be eaten, a cool wild west themed centre and an innovative cashless payment system that made things really simple.

While we were there, we had a chat with Lucy Spraggan – you know, the one off of X-Factor? She was dead friendly, and really happy to talk to us about life on the road, the highs and lows of a touring lifestyle, and her new independent record label.

Check it out here:

And prove, if any was needed, in the form of a quick snap with me, looking about as un rock and roll as it is possible to look, in my fleece and shoulder bag, next to rock chick Lucy.

Lucy Spraggan

We were guests of Standon Calling festival.


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