Advice needed for a budding marathon trainer

Today I have a guest post from Bee – please give her the pep talk she badly needs!

Hey guys. It’s Bee here. I know what you’re thinking, go back to your own blog right?

I basically just wanted to write this post because I need a kind of pep talk from you all about this new fitness journey I am about to embark on. I know this isn’t really the place to do it, seeing as I wouldn’t exactly call this a pro running blog, but I thought you could help me anyway.

So when I was young and naive, all those years ago when I was about to start uni, bright eyed and bushy tailed and about two stone lighter than I am now, I decided optimistically that I would run a marathon before uni was out. Then a couple of months ago, when I was starting my Major Project (dissertation for those who basically did a real academic course with exams and stuff) a thought popped into my head.

“Oh, crap. Got to do that marathon. Eh. It will be fine.”

marathon running tips

So I’ve booked myself in for one in February! And I really need some advice on going about training for it, seeing as it now isn’t even that far away and I can only run for about 10 seconds without stopping.

I’ve tried exercise plans before. I did the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and hated every hideous second of it. I joined the gym, but found that half of the effort was just putting my gym clothes on and getting there. Plus it was expensive. I’ve tried going for jogs, but my lack of will power seemed to me my main downfall there. I’ve always wanted to try swimming, but after getting dragged out of the pool on the first lap of a swim-a-thon when I was a kid I don’t really think it’s the sport for me.

Whenever I think about having my own mansion though, it always has an indoor heated pool that I casually do lengths in and get really buff. I also would have my own gym! I always walk past the buildings on my road that have their own gyms and get a bit wistful. I always think, if I had my own exercise bike and Proform Fitness treadmill and things like that then it would be the making of me. (Seriously, view it on the website, how could I fail to get buff with one of those?)

Or I would just never go in there, seems the more likely option.

My flat mate thinks I should just get out there and start running, which is easy for him to say because he has long skinny legs and no boobs (surprisingly).

What are your top tips on how I can crack this marathon training thing?

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