REVIEW: Stable Star

Today I have a guest post from Belle! I am basically training up my whole family so that I can retire. She has been playing a game called Star Stable. I thought she would like it as she is a big fan of any game where you have to choose outfits or design anything. Her favourite bit of playing the Wii is designing the faces on the little people…

Star stable

Recently I was asked if I wanted to do a review of a computer game. Obviously I said yes because who doesn’t like playing them?

Anyway, at first I was really exited because I searched it up and it looked AWESOME! It was surprisingly really quick to download and soon I was creating my character and choosing my dream horse.

Unfortunately, the game is live play (that means it takes up the whole screen) so I could not take any pictures of it. 

I must admit that I wasn’t a pro at the start but I soon got the hang of it! I really enjoyed learning new skills like galloping, jumping and caring for my horse but most of all I loved racing!

I wasn’t particularly good at it… I had drawn the short straw and had chosen the silliest horse of them all, leaving me to constantly scream at the screen shouting stuff like ‘NO DON’T GO INTO THAT FENCE!’ or ‘slow down you ARE GOING TO DIE!’ but then I realised that it was because of my horse being unhappy, (poor horse), so I had to go on a special quest to find objects like hay, hoof pick, water bucket, and so on. In no time my horse was performing really well!

What I most enjoyed about the game was all of the different outfits and gear you could buy for you and your horse. I loved designing outfits and purchasing rainbow saddles and stirrups.

I really need to say that if you do decide to get this game then have fun and when you feel stuck and lost, trust me, it gets better.

By Belle x

Belle was given a free account for the purposes of this review.




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