An exclusive peek at the new Tesco ‘Family Magic’ video

I am a very recent but very happy convert to online grocery shopping. I had always thought that I rather liked the idea of mooching around a supermarket, squeezing the fruit for myself and spotting the bargains, but it turns out that I really don’t. I don’t like it at all.

What I do like it strolling around a very small supermarket, picking up treats, with little or no regard for actual meals. That, unfortunately, is not shopping.

I’m so glad I gave online shopping a go – it is no exaggeration to say that it has totally revolutionised by shopping experience. I love that you can place an order and come back and add the things you forget, rather than getting home and smacking yourself in the face because you forgot milk – the one thing you actually went for in the first place. I like how you can easily compare products like cashew nuts, which inexplicably appear in about three different places in an actual supermarket, and you even get reminded to buy your regular purchases. You also don’t have to do the awful bit of putting everything into carrier bags and lugging it to and from the boot.

It’s awesome.

That’s why, as a proper online shopping fan, I was more than happy to say yes to giving you a sneak peek of Tesco’s new Family Magic video, extolling the virtue of online shopping for families of budding magicians. I really love the bloopers video too.

If you do decide to give it a go, do check out Tesco ‘favourites’ feature – if you pop in your Clubcard number when you first register for online shopping it will add your in store favourites too, so even if you’ve never shopped online before it will be super easy right from the off.


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