My favourite things – February 2015

What does February mean to you? There’s Valentine’s Day of course, if you like that sort of thing, Pancake Day, and, for lots of people, it means the end of Dry January and the opportunity to get properly stuck back into boozing for the rest of the year.

The weather starts to turn too – the mornings have a different coldness about them, a promise of spring, a flavour that makes you want to take huge deep breaths and stare up at the sky. With all of this in mind, here are my favourite things this February:

Feb favourite thingsA. Although not entirely convinced that we need Valentine’s Day as a reason to tell the people closest to us that we love them, it’s always a good excuse for a teeny weeny chocolate or ten, and if you want something a little more impressive than a box of chocolates that says ‘Sainsbury’s’ on the front then Godiva’s Valentine’s Day range is a safe bet – fantastic chocolate and gorgeous packaging to boot.

B. Even though spring is on its way, it’s still pretty dark in the evenings and there’s nothing quite like a little tipple of something to help ease you into the sofa after dinner. I’ve recently discovered Sippin – a wonderfully smooth rum that’s equally delicious on its own or with hot water for a wholesome feeling bedtime drink. Sippin rum gives you that warm shuddery feeling in your tummy that’s just sublime.

C. You’ve got the chocolates, you’ve got the booze, now you just need to dim the lights and set the mood with a few candles. I’m a massive candle fan but I get so fed up with candles that claim to be scented, but only are when you hold them right up to your nose and sniff the wax. It’s rare to find a candle that actually fills the room with scent, which is why I’m so chuffed to have discovered family run business Karm Candles. The thought that has gone into these artisan candles is obvious in the quality – definitely one for the wishlist.

D. After all of that indulgence, you’d better head out for a bit of fresh almost-spring air, but you’ll need to wrap up warm. This month I have been living in my sheepskin boots from Morlands in Glastonbury. I struggle sometimes to find comfy shoes but these were immediately at home on my feet and keep me so warm. I also love that they are made by a local company – Morlands has been making and selling sheepskin slippers since 1825 and quality and craftsmanship is at the very heart of everything they do.

I was sent these items for the purposes of review but all thoughts are my own.


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