3 things I love about Bristol

I have always wanted to live in Bristol. I’m not sure when the feeling started, but it has been there as long as I can remember – a sort of tingle of excitement, mixed with a happy contentment from knowing a place is just right for you.

The move was a long time coming – Bee started using air quotes whenever she said ‘when we move to Bristol’ – but I had to wait for the right moment. It happened though, and although it wasn’t easy moving to a new place, especially with the Chuckle Brothers as our moving team, I never doubted my decision.

Circumstances conspired unfortunately to make living in Bristol difficult for me last year, and so we moved back to Somerset. It sucked at first. I’m adjusting, but I still miss Bristol and hopefully one day I will go back.

While I don’t want to sound negative about Somerset – it has plenty of good points – Bristol is, I’m fairly certain, the city I love most in the world.

Here’s why:


Seriously, what is it with small towns and their inability to provide a decent eggs florentine? I love that both my homes in Bristol were within easy walking distance of what felt like about 47 different funky brunch venues. And I loved that everyone in them had cool beards. Food is really important to me, not just as a tasty treat but because of the social aspect of it. I loved going to meet friends in the Boston Tea Party at the end of my road and bumping into other people I knew, all of us happy to have so many different egg options.

Reasons to love Bristol

The diversity

This is definitely something that Bristol heaves with, both in terms of the people and opportunities. I love that in Bristol you feel like there is always something going on. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t take part, it’s the idea that there are all of these things happening that you could do if you wanted to, whether it’s hanging out having brunch, toasting marshmallows at Boiling Wells or taking a balloon across the city.

Reasons to love Bristol

Reasons to love Bristol

The creativity

Bristol just buzzes with creativity. You see the evidence of it everywhere and whether or not you are a creative person yourself you can’t help but feel inspired by the energy of it. Where else in the world would you find an elusive street artist, 80 painted Gromits and a street so steep it gets closed for the day and turned into a water slide?

Reasons to love Bristol

Reasons to love Bristol

Reasons to love Bristol

Reasons to love Bristol

Do you love Bristol as much as me? What are your favourite bits?



  1. 17 January, 2015 / 3:58 pm

    I moved to Bristol in January 2012 and I couldn’t imagine living any where else now. I love it, for much the same reasons as you.

  2. 18 January, 2015 / 9:06 pm

    My husband grew up in Bristol and we spent a year there. We go back regularly and I definitely appreciate the restaurant scene. Looking forward to the sheep this summer!

  3. Anne Wallwin
    23 January, 2015 / 6:11 pm

    i’ve been once on a hen weekend and it was lovely. I liked the market by the quay in the centre.

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