My favourite things – January 2015

January is a mix of fresh starts, fitness regimes and credit card bills, so my favourite things this month are about looking after yourself rather than just buying yourself pretty things for around the home.

These are four of our favourite things this month:

January favourite things

A. Pieminister are based just down the road from where I used to live in Bristol and so I have a genuine fondness for them as a brand. Their hearty new Pie Pots are a bit of a departure from the traditional pie and mash route but are perfect for January as they are low in calories but packed full of yummy goodness. One of my New Year things is sharing office space in town, meaning I get to leave the house and talk to non-virtual people during the day, and these are ideal for taking to work as you can microwave them in four minutes.

B. During my dry(ish) January I’ve been keeping my eye out for alternatives to a nice glass of wine in the evening – something that feels like a treat but that isn’t full of crap. I love Heartease Farm drinks for this as they’re made with fruit juices and have a great range of flavours from elderflower to raspberry lemonade. Top tip: the fiery ginger beer is lovely with a bit of ginger liqueur in. *whistles innocently*

C. Belle really enjoyed the Heartease drinks, but normally getting her to consume any kind of fluid is difficult. If I had a pound for every time I’ve discovered a full glass of water on the table after she’s left for school I’d have enough money to employ someone to stand over her every morning shouting ‘DRINK YOUR DAMN WATER!!’ She is also an embarrassingly fussy eater, so in lieu of holding her down whilst force feeding her a courgette, I’ve been sending her to school this term with ‘A Little More’ drinks, made with spring water, natural flavours and enriched with extra vitamins.

D. And finally, what January would be complete without some sort of attempt to halt the ageing process and recapture those heady days when time was on your side and your skin wasn’t saggy around the jowls? Antonia Burrell’s Cream Supreme Moisturiser is apparently the latest must have for every modern woman and is packed full of ingredients designed to tackle a multitude of issues, from larch extract to reduce the appearance of wrinkles to mango seed to stimulate collagen and elastin production. I’ve not been inundated with men stopping me in the street to tell me how young and beautiful I look but I feel sure it’s just a matter of time.

I was sent these products for the purposes of review but thoughts are my own


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